NEX Transferring Images and Video using Picture Motion Browser

with PMB software Sony’s Picture Motion Browser
you can display images from the Sony E-mount camera
organize images on the calendar
according to the date they were taken
apply basic retouching
send images as email attatchments
created a data disc dvd or blu ray disc
and more
let’s discuss transfering your images from
your camera to your computer using the
Sony Picture Motion Browser software
note that while the image and movie files
recorded by Sony E-mount cameras are both
Windows and Mac compatible
the PMB software is compatible only with
Windows based platforms
first make sure the camera is switched to off
and that the battery is charged
also make sure that the computer is on
then using the usb cable that is
included with Sony E-mount cameras
connect the camera to the computer
now switch the camera to on
the import media dialogue box will
pop up automatically
if the Windows auto play dialogue pops up
go ahead and click on the red x at the
top right corner of the dialogue to close it
by default the software will import the
images to the pictures folder on the
computer’s harddrive
if you’d like to have the images saved
to a different location simply click the
browse button and locate and select the
folder where you’d like the images to
be saved and click ok
here you can input the folder name where
the images will be saved
the default folder name will be the date
which works well for general snapshots
however if you’d like to change the
folder name to something more
descriptive you can do that here
now click the import button
depending on how many images and movies
you’ve stored on your cameras memory
card it may take the camera a few moments
to import them to your hard drive
when the software is finished importing your images
they’ll be displayed in the index view on
the Picture Motion Browser software
on the left side of the screen you can
apply labels to the images give the
images star ratings
and navigate the folders where images are stored
at the top left corner of the screen you
can click on the calendar icon
to view the images by the date they were taken

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