Northwest Herping Outdoors – Custom Weather Alerts iPhone App

Custom Weather Alerts

Do you track whether in many places to seek good herping conditions in the turbulent early spring weather custom weather alerts is an iOS app that allows you to set up multiple alarms for many combinations of weather conditions? I like using it to make me aware of sunny warm days in January and February for late winter garter-snakes also for rubber boas on the first view consecutive 60-degree days and finally when the first rattlesnakes start to stir in April.

I’m talking to you everything can all vary for the region and species where you live but custom weather alerts will help you follow the weather easily in many locations at once on your iphone or ipad load up Safari type in the web address and halfway down the page click on the button to find the app on the App Store from there click on the button to download the free custom weather alerts app when you launch the application for the first time. you will be asked to create an account and login after that you’ll see the subscription tiers this subscription fee is to cover requests for the weather updates from’s weather forecast system. first step in setting up an alarm is to give it a name next I’ll set the time to check alert conditions.

I’ll have it do this at 2:00 p.m. after that I’ll set how many days of weather to check often I’ll do 3 days so if I get alerted on the first day. I still have 2 more days to get to a site I’ll stick with the default 2 day forecast for now then we can drop a pin on the map to pick a location for the alert the last step is where we add weather conditions and thresholds. for this alert I’ll simply have it alert every day at 2:00 p.m. if the weather in Richland is at 60 degrees or above for two days in a row. note that if you do set up multiple weather conditions that all conditions need to be triggered for the alert to sound so if I set up an alert for less than 50% cloud cover and a daytime temperature greater than 60 degrees both of those conditions would need to be true for an alarm to sound.

How To Change The Wallpaper On iPhone?

The wallpaper is that nice background image you see on your iPhone’s home screen. So let me show you how to change that real quick. First open the photos app. Go to your camera roll. Whatever album you want find the picture you want to use and tap on it. Then tap the little share button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen at the bottom. You’ll see a little slider here and scroll over to use as wallpaper tap that and then finally tap set. You can send as your lock screen wallpaper your home screen,  wallpaper, or you can just head this both. I recommend to setting this both tap set both setting wallpaper and you’re done now to go to my home screen. It’s that weird little blue circle and there it is. That’s a change the wallpaper on your iPhone.


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