One Dev Question | Why should I make apps accessible?

[MUSIC] Why should I make accessible apps? There’s a lot of people with
disabilities around the world. You have people with
intellectual disabilities, neural development
disabilities, autism but also people with
auditory disabilities, and vision disabilities, and the people are linked to
community to the use of big apps, and by example, my focus
on the DDSoft is focusing on people with neural
development disability and autism. If you can think that there’s a lot of information on paper this time, information about a life, with apps you can
immediate translate it information to information
that they understand. As I said, by example, in an organization there
is a menu printed. Most of the people with
intellectual disabilities don’t understand it, but you can make
apps with text-to-speech, color by function and
simplified layout that really translate information to
really accessible information, and to engage the life of people with disabilities.
That’s what I’m doing. [MUSIC]

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  1. I've really really loved Windows since my childhood but this latest update has me switching everything to Unix..

    The registry is all bloated.

    Too many svchosts , can't discern if one of them is infected because there's simply too many..

    GPO Doesn't work on home edition.
    So many features don't work on home edition.

    Which is a B.S. gambit to get serious users to buy Windows 10 pro.

    I'd rather die at the hand of bill gates eugenics campaigns before buying Windows 10 pro because of missing features.

    Stop deprecating features for home users.

    They're going to remember this, then one day you'll be defending against them

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