Opera is announcing Opera Touch with Flow feature | BROWSER | OPERA

Hello everyone and welcome to
Opera’s special launch event
We are very excited that we can finally reveal
what we’ve been working on
This is the moment
Let me introduce to you
our brand new mobile browser
Opera Touch
I’m going to tell more about
our new brand new product called
Opera Touch
Underneath, you’ll see the Speed Dial
this is something
that you already know from other products
from Opera
In Opera Touch we made it smarter
and when you hold your finger
the whole set of new functions is available
All I have to do
to connect this phone with this laptop
just point
and it’s done!
It’s awfully quick!
This arrow sends the page you’re on
straight to your computer
So let’s open it and see how it looks on computer
Mobile browser connects with your computer
using my Flow feature
which binds these devices
and like that
it’s already in here
So, as you could see
whatever you have over there
you have always with you
Everything happens inside the browser

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  1. I just started using opera on my iPhone and I was wondering that it would be awesome if on “my flow” there was a small contacts list that you could quickly send a “flow” to or a list of “flows” or “reminders” just a thought.

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