Pagesa nga Brave (Brave Browser Review)

In this video we will do full review of Brave Browser and payment or the reward I received from Brave Rewards. So unless you can get one Modestly rewarding from Brave, this browser also offers you plenty of options during web browsing, as high speed, protects your information from trackers who steal your data for their personal gain, who will means with other Browsers you are the only product while with Brave Browser browsing is 100% more secure than any other browser and not just Brave even the most efficient ad blocker. For the first time Brave has been launched on January 2016 having an increase in users in very large numbers. Brave mostly indicates the importance of security and privacy. Brave Browser today is donating performance to internet users more excellent, pushing me to start browsing only with Brave Browser. You can try it by downloading it at the link found in the description videos. Like all other browsers the Brave Browser is free for you download. What sets Brave Browser apart from most browsers of all the other is blocking ads that other browsers do not have as effective as Make sure to save time while browsing the internet. Brave it is also the only browser that blocks trackers for profit from ads so they know what other sites internet users are using, or any misuse of your data Brave does not allow. Brave users can earn virtual money rewards by browsing through websites that are part of the Brave Rewards program. if users decide to replace the usual ads with anonymous ads Brave paid with Basic Attention Token. A regular user can gets 15% of your revenue depending on the time you spent using it browser. Users who do not want to support any web site running browsers do not receive crypto. In addition to Brave being the safest and fastest, this is another reason Brave Browser is gaining in popularity world as a browser. SHQIPtube has also made other video tutorials about Brave where i have compared Brave Browser vs Chrome, Brave Browser vs Mozilla and Brave Browser vs Safari. Brave Browser can be downloaded for iOS, Android, macOs, Windows and Linux. Users on these platforms can browse quickly and easily safe, browsing which is accomplished by using very little memory from the computer or your phone saving battery power. Unlike other browsers, Brave Browser doesn’t use much RAM, it only uses 170mb of RAM Your device, therefore, also distinguishes Brave in this aspect from all other browsers e which is one more reason to switch to Brave Browser. Only from January I from 2019 to December, users on Brave Browser have increased by 450% breaking the record of all browsers. Brave Browser is quite a product interesting that it is making a world revolution on the internet Now is the payment part of Brave. Here you can see the last deposit I have I received from Brave Rewards, the cryptot are automatically transferred to date 8 December in the uphold account. Here are the profits I received from browsing only different web pages. I transferred the cryptot to another Wallet which is Binance a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for the trader of more than 100 virtuous coins. Since the beginning of 2018, Binance yes is considered the largest crypto currency exchange. I never got it in between I want to keep what I have and maybe later do Trade or I transfer to bank account. Hi friends and friends on SHQIPtube see you in the next video.

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  1. Hej une po kshyri video qitu po sen nuk po ndodh edhe pse do faqe janë te aprovuar nga Brave nuk po fitoj asnjë bat

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