Pediatric Residency Program – Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

[Matthey Zackoff, MD] “When I was choosing where I want to go for residency,” “I kind of had this triple threat in my
mind of people, program, and lifestyle,” “and Cincinnati met all of those with flying colors.” [Jacinta Cooper, MD, PhD] “When I got here, it was my last interview,” “and some of the other interns were like,
‘you’re gonna love it here.'” “‘this place is awesome.’ And by the time I was done with my interview I was calling my husband saying,” “we’re going to Cincinnati because this
is where I want to be.” [Svetlana Shugh, MD] “I don’t really think you could pick to be in a better place” “where you have the strength of the program” “combined was just how nice and caring
everybody is here.” [Javier Gonzalez-del-Rey, MD, MEd] “Traditionally, residents do their
rotations and then they have to go to conferences.” “But if you don’t link the conferences” “to what they’re learning, your brain
doesn’t fix information.” “So we have our Monday reports, which are interesting, ongoing cases that use adult learning theory” “i.e. they’re very short–20-30 minutes burst in the morning.” “And then the noon conferences are general topics.” “The important thing is linking educational experiences to your clinical experiences, is what is gonna” “cement your knowledge, and that’s how we do it.” [Dr. Zackoff] “For us to effectively take care of kids, they have to help take care of us.” “So giving us protected teaching time twice a day with the morning report and noon conference,” “providing breakfast and hot lunch at both those was a fantastic perk,” “but really important for us to be able to” “be healthy, get nutrition, and be able to
take care of the kids day in and day out.” [Dr. Cooper] “You’re getting taught all day long. Sometimes it’s just something that an attending” “when you’re on rounds, will say, do you really want to have that pulsox on that kid?” “And then you have to stop and think
about well, why do I even really want that” “pulsox and what am I trying to
accomplish?” [Lizbeth Dammert, MD] “You do also need this half an hour of morning report and hour of noon conference to” “–not having to maybe go to a thousand different articles or a thousand different books to get” “the information but rather, it coming from a person that knows a lot about the subject.” [Dr. Shugh] “Here at Cincinnati Children’s we do family centered rounding,” “which is a fantastic way to involve the
family in the plan and care for their child.” “Every morning our whole group comes in and we essentially tailor the presentation to the family.” “We direct it towards them, we use terms that families can understand,” “and we ask for their input all the time before we leave the room.” “The goal of that is to have the family, the nurses, and all of us on the same page before leaving,” “which really provides the best care for
the child.” [Dr. Gonzalez-del-Rey] “It’s an art. It’s a process in which you will learn how to talk to families,” “how to interact with the team, how you
can voice your opinions,” “and how you can be taught by the bedside of the patient and at the same time,” “begin in your early stages of your career to start–to start developing skills,” “and how to communicate with families.” [Dr. Cooper] “I’ve actually had a lot of fun.” “It’s been great hanging out with my co-interns up in the resident lounge.” “We’ve hung out downtown at Findley Market,” “gone to the Reds games, just going out
and having dinner with people,” “I’ve actually had time to
have a normal life.” [Dr. Gonzalez-del-Rey] “I always said to my residents that the reason why I can have the passion and the” “energy and the love for what I do is because I have a lot of fun.” [Dr. Zackoff] “Doing video for the Olympics while on rounds,” “to having dance parties in the emergency
room,” “to just spending time hanging out with the patients on the floor,” “talking to them, playing games with them, helping heal them more than just from the medical side.” [Dr. Cooper] “We have Residency Council that meets once a month,” “and they get to talk about what’s going on in the residency program.” “Things are changing all the time to make sure that our program is improving and not just staying stagnant.” [Philip Hagedorn, MD] “This is a big place. There are a lot of residents, but the residents” “not only know each other really well, but
really go to bat for each other and” “look out for one another.” “People who come to this program
really wanna be here and” “that makes all the difference on a
daily basis.” “I have co-residents who I look forward to seeing, who I look forward to working with,” “Who I know there’s going to be this aspect of teamwork that” “I haven’t really experienced anywhere else.” [Dr. Gonzalez-del-Rey] “This is a residency run by residents and for residents.” “We’re very proud to say that most of our residents, when they decide to go into fellowship.” “they’re chosen by top fellowships in the country.” “And when they decide to go into primary care,” “they can actually hand pick the practices
where they want to practice.” [Dr. Zackoff] “We have the benefit of having basically” “three or four hospitals squished into
one enormous hospital where we see” “everything from the primary care pediatrics all the way to the first-degree referrals” “to see the sub-specialists, to the tertiary, quaternary care where no on else knows what’s going on, “and we’re kinda the last hope for families.” [Dr. Shugh] “We have children that are sent from all around the world” “for complicated medical conditions
that are seen here by multiple specialties.” [Dr. Dammert] “Yes, you see subspecialties, but yes, you also get to do general peds. rotations. You get to do clinic.” “You get to do ED. It’s a very broad experience that we get.” [Dr. Gonzalez-del-Rey] “There’s no good subspecialists unless you become an excellent pediatrician.” “There’s no good primary care provider unless you are the best pediatrician.” “So if there is something that I try to
bring to our residents in here, it’s that we will” “open the doors for you in any
direction you want to go.” “But first we have to be 100 percent sure we make you the best pediatrician out there.”

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