Photo Editing Apps For Android and iPhone

Photo Editing Apps
  1. First app we’re going to talk about today is called Touch Retouch and if you haven’t seen this app yet, prepare to have your mind blown. It’s basically a clone app that can remove pretty much anything from your photo. So let’s open it up and get started. So when you open up Retouch you want to go to Albums and open up the photo that you want to work on and this is my girlfriend posing in the middle of Iceland. So we’re going to remove… Don’t tell her, but we’re going to remove her from this picture. So what you want to do is go down to the Object Removal. You want to tap on that and just tap your finger on here and it’s going to open the little circle on here on the top. It’s going to zoom in and show you exactly what your finger is going over. So you’re just going to trace what you want to erase. Real easy. Make sure you get everything in there and when you have it completely outlined and covered in, just simply hit go and poof, it’s gone! Just like that. How cool is that, right? So up here second to the right, you’re going to see the little toggle switch to show you what it looked like before. So you can go back and forth to see exactly what you took away and if that works for you and if that’s what you like, go up here in the far right, tap Export and you can Save a Copy, Modify Original, send it to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, whatever you want to do. You can also tap on Settings and choose the format, and the size and the quality, that you want to export it at. So I’m going to export this at max quality and then I’m going to save a copy and it’s finished. No more girlfriend.
  2. the second app we’re going to go over today is a really simple app called Lens Distortions. It’s basically an app that allows you to add layers or light hits or light particles, snow or rain or glass fragmentations on top of your picture. It’s a really cool app that can add just small tweaks to your image that can make all the difference. So when you open up Lens Distortions you’re going to choose your picture. Now I’m going to choose this picture right here. There’s nothing wrong with this picture and I would be perfectly content to use this picture as is, however I want to add just a little bit of color to it. We were out in the daylight and you can see the sun is hitting her face a little bit, but you really don’t see the sun anywhere in the picture. So what I’m going to do is come down to Light Hits. I’m going to pick a orange glow, which is pretty much the sun. I’m going to tap on that and you see how it instantly lays on top of the image and I can put my finger down and just move it wherever I want it to go. So for this one I’m going to move it over to the side just like that and give the buildings and her face some color. I’m also going to go into Opacity.

I’m going to knock the opacity down just a little bit. I don’t want too much. All I want to do is just add a little bit of color to this. So then I want to add another layer. So you go over here to the left. Tap Add Layer and you can go down and you can find something else. Now I’m going to add something that doesn’t work for this photo, but I’m going to show you how it works. So I’m going to add fog. Boom! And there’s some fog. I can bring it down. I can move it around. Change the opacity. I can add blur to it and so on. Now if I don’t want the fog, all I have to do is swipe it to the left and hit Remove. Now if I do that, I need to go back and hit Add Layer again or it’s going to delete the light hit when I add the next effect. So for the next effect I’m going to go down and get some light particles. That’s called Shimmer. So let’s put a shimmer on there.

As you can see the light particles pop right up and I’m going to knock the opacity down on those as well. Now like I said this photo was fine, but I just wanted to add a little oomph to it. I wanted to add a little pizzazz to the picture. This may or may not work for you, but this is what I’m going to do for the sake of this tutorial and then when I want to save it, all I have to do is go to the top right hand corner and then choose where I want to save it. I’m just going to save the image. Image saved. There you go and that’s what Lens Distortion does. As you can see it’s super simple and it’s free so download it and play with it. You don’t need the paid add-ons that it comes with. What it actually comes with is plenty to work with, but it’s a lot of fun to really spice up your pictures.


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