Reinstalling System Software | PS4

If your PS4 system starts up in safe mode with directions to connect a USB storage device it means you need to reinstall the system software. This is only recommended for systems that cannot start normally because it will delete all data from the hard drive. You will need… a computer that’s connected to the Internet and a USB flash drive or a “thumb” drive that’s in FAT32 or exFAT format that has at least 1.1 GB of free space. Go to and open the [Help] menu at the top. Select [System Software]… followed by [PS4]. Scroll down past the current system software release to find the
“PS4 Complete System Software File” and download the file. Connect your USB storage device to the computer. Create a folder named “PS4” on the device. Make an “UPDATE” folder inside the PS4 folder. Copy the software file into the UPDATE folder. Make sure the file is named “PS4UPDATE.PUP” because your computer might add extra characters you’ll need to delete. The names of the file and the folders must be in all capital letters. Connect the USB device to your PS4 system… select [OK]… and follow the directions to reinstall the system software. If the file cannot be found you should double check that the file and folders are named correctly in all capital letters and then try again. If the PS4 does not support the USB device’s file system… you’ll need to reformat the device as ExFAT or FAT32 before following these directions again.

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  1. Очень понятно,название ролика на русском а видео на английском.збс

  2. This may be old but is it possible that the latest update that was rolled out is causing an issue that's why they made (or reuploaded) this video? Anyone?

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  4. Yeah hello sony i put the power adapter in 2 my ps4 after opening the ps4 and closing it but it doesnt start please help

  5. My PS4 is dieing!! Had to do full wipe x3 and it rebuilds the database almost every day. ? I can make it last till PS5?

  6. I'm sure they're all giggling and reading the comments at the PlayStation media office about how late this is. This was intentional. ?

  7. You would also want to reinstall the system software (i.e. the operating system) if you're upgrading your internal storage drive.

    The thing to remember is to make sure your data is backed back fist on an external drive that is at least 2x the capacity of your PS4's internal storage drive.

    After you do the full system back up, then you'd swap out the drive, and finally go through the process of reinstalling system software.

    If you have PS+ you should also backup your save data to the cloud just in case. But then again, if you have PS+ you're probably already doing the auto-backup.

    Oh and another thing to do before this is to sync your PS trophies.

  8. ?Hey Yo Microsoft/Sony put a limit on how many updates a title can have‼️ I’m tired of needed an update every time I turn on a box.

  9. Sorry but this happened last year to me and I did these steps. They did not work for me. I do hope it works for others though.

  10. I speculate that the delay of such "help" is because they've let go of this generation. Hopefully there's something exploitable in the newly available data. Being that the ps3 was successfully exploited to run un-registered code and still no strong home brew out. I'll bet a fancy pint of beer this is why it's finally available.

  11. It's a great thing that they put this video out now that the ps5 comes out in a few months. Expect to see a video on how to install ps5 software in 7 years when the ps6 is close to release ?

  12. This happened to me late last year, luckily was able to boot it up as the harddrive was going out one last time to save everything to the cloud. Was so scared

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