Respondus LockDown Browser

Welcome to our eLearning Center video. We
will be discussing Respondus LockDown Browser.
LockDown Browser is used for secure online
testing and can be found on every lab computer
on the Angelo State University campus. It
is also available for download on personal
computers as well. When students use Respondus
LockDown Browser they are unable to print,
copy, go to another URL, or access other applications.
Installing Respondus LockDown Browser,
Once you have logged in to Blackboard and
you are in your course, go to the content
area where the test is.
Select the test.
We can see in the test name that the test
requires Respondus LockDown Browser. If you
are on your personal computer, you may need
to download it. If you are on a computer in
one of the university’s labs, it is already
Select the Support tab.
From the Support tab we can download the LockDown
Browser. Follow the instructions on the screen.
It will ask you to Install Now. Save File.
You will need to open the file that was downloaded.
Depending on your browser, it may open automatically
or you will need to go to your downloads.
This may be at the bottom of your browser
window in Google Chrome or at the top of your
browser window in Firefox.
Select the file. Select Run. You will need
to select a language then select next.
You may read through the License Agreement
then select the option that you accept the
terms of the license agreement. Select Next.
Select Finish to exit the install wizard.
Select Finish again. You may now close this
If we minimize your browser, we can see that
there is a shortcut saved to your desktop
titled LockDown Browser.
Using LockDown Browser to Take a Test. Once
you have downloaded the LockDown Browser,
you can begin using it by selecting the LockDown
Browser icon on your desktop. Select the LockDown
Browser icon on your desktop. You will need
to log in to Blackboard. Before accessing
your course, select Help Center. Pre-exam
webcam check confirms that your webcam and
microphone work properly. System Network Check
runs a diagnostic of your computer system
and network. Knowledge Base answers questions
to common problems. Please note that after
starting your exam you will not be able to
access the help center. Select your course
from the My Courses list. Go to the content
area where the test is located. Select the
Test. Before you select begin, LockDown Browser
may display instructions. Most instructors
only allow one attempt with forced completion
if they require LockDown Browser. When an
assessment is started, you are locked into
it until you submit it. Select Begin to start
the assessment. Answer the questions in the
test. Select Save and Submit to Submit your
test. Select OK. Select OK to return back
to the content area where the test is located.
Exiting the Lockdown Browser. Log out of Blackboard.
Select the “X” in the upper right to exit
the screen when prompted, select yes to exit.
Thank you for watching our video. Don’t forget
to follow us on YouTube! For more information,
contact the Technology Service Center by phone
at 325-942-2911.

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