Runway Startup Postdoc Program at the Jacobs Institute

Moving from academia to the real world
is very challenging.
My PhD was was an amazing
experience for me.
But, at some point I
felt that all the work
is being summarized into an
article that you publish.
Runway was a really great bridge.
One foot in academia and
one foot in industry.
At the end, you are building a business.
It is not a research project.
An article is not enough,
you need to bring it to the market.
With the Runway program
at the Jacobs Institute,
they taught me how you
can turn a PhD into a CEO,
which not only has the
toolbox to build the product,
but also go-to-market
strategy, product/market fit,
and many other things
that, as an academic,
you don’t think about at all.
One of the unique things
about the portfolio companies
at the Runway program,
every single one of them has been built
on a very deep technology
that is incredibly hard
to replicate and it needs
it’s own special type
of support to build and scale.
Innovating in
the healthcare industry
is very challenging.
Hospitals tend to use technology
that they’re familiar with and
they also change very slowly.
Being at the Jacobs Institute allowed us
to start those pilots and
engagements with hospitals.
One of the major benefits
in the Runway program is
the access to very experienced mentors.
The president of the Technion,
he is one of the founders
of sleep medicine.
He really helped connect me to
top researchers in this field
to create this value
proposition from the bottom up.
We launched from the
Runway program in 2016.
We built out a minimum viable product,
which we’ve implemented in five hospitals.
We are now working
to prepare the product
for our FDA submission.
Today we sell in all North
America in all major channels.
We hit a major milestone,
we’re operating in eight
different states and collected
over 100 million square foot
worth of construction data.
At some point you
need to have your wings.
This is your company.
Maybe this is why you
call it Runway, you know?
It’s a runway, and at
the end you need to fly.

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