See the new Kaseya Fusion Mobile App

The new Kaseya Mobile App allows technicians to get more
IT done faster, on-the-go, by managing Service Desk Tickets
from their mobile devices and getting access to IT
information on-the-go. IT managers get real-time
visibility into IT environment. Kaseya Fusion is the only mobile app that combines a PSA Service Desk solution with an RMN Endpoint Management solution accessible through a single application. Technicians have the ability to scroll through existing tickets, create new tickets, sort by views, search by specific
criteria, keywords, numbers, access specific tickets, work on their tickets
while away from the office, use screenshots, read details, check attachments,
activities within the ticket, service calls, edit each one of those records, add attachments, if necessary, locally from their
device or take a picture, in addition to add in
their time into the ticket. Technicians also have
the ability to switch between different views in
the applicable application. Here, they can view different tickets, altered status of a ticket, reassign, also have the ability to switch and go into my personal tickets rather than the internal
queue or the entire queue, also have the ability to go into the VSA, search through different devices, agent-based devices versus assets as well. We can utilize the views
pre-configured in the VSA, all of this done efficiently, quickly, increasing productivity
of your technician. We also have the ability
to go back into our assets, utilize assets instead
of agent-based devices, routers, switches and so forth. All of this was done
through a single application without having to switch between different apps on your phone. Immediately, technicians
can switch back to the BMS, return to their ticket, start working a ticket, add note, maybe alter the device that’s affected, check SLAs, detailed information
within their fingertips. Learn more about the benefits of the Kaseya Fusion Mobile App and request a demo.

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