Sellinger Scholars – Loyola’s business honors program

One line that a student told me once
that really stuck with me and I repeat
it to the scholars and to my students
all the time is- I don’t care what you
know till I know that you care. And so I
would want students and scholars to know
we care. We care about you as a person, we care about you as a professional,
we care about you now and we care about you when
you’re an alumni.
Many people have heard the maxim that says to whom much has
been given much is required
and that’s what we think about when we
think of the Sellinger Scholars Program.
Our Sellinger scholars have been blessed
in many ways but most importantly with
intellect and high academic achievement
which they have earned through hard work.
But when they have demonstrated that
achievement we also say to them that you
owe much to the world. You have a talent
to bring to the world and so our vision
for the Sellinger Scholars is to help
our students learn how to become true
servant leaders. Our business curriculum
as it stands is wonderful but the
Sellinger Scholars just kind of amp that
up a little bit. It maybe takes the
students out of their comfort zone,
forces them into more difficult
situations, forces them to see different
perspectives, to understand more- to kind
of just go a little bit deeper than the
standard business curriculum does.
I wanted to be more like intellectually
challenged and I wanted to be surrounded
by a group of people that were going to
push me to work my hardest and that I
could continue to be growing from. They
have this curiosity and that translate
to sort of intrinsic drive to want
something more. If I’m able to reach our
thing from other people’s perspective,
the result, the insight will be way more
powerful and informative than if I just stay
with what I’m doing best. They are way
more comfortable working with people
from different sides of organization.
I was drawn to apply for the Sellinger
Scholars Program as an opportunity to
take my education to the next level. I
was really hoping to get the opportunity
to just join in on any of opportunities
that they could offer me not only in the
classroom but also to develop myself as
a business professional. I think out of
classroom experiences are
so important. Loyola University
is awesome, it’s a great place to really
stretch yourself, but we need to stretch
ourselves into the bigger world and that
is Baltimore. And Baltimore has some
incredible entrepreneurs and businesses
and they should get to know them.
The Sellinger Scholars Program’s unique
in that the students take the core
business classes together as a cohort
where they’re with the same group of
students for three years. So it starts in
their sophomore year and it goes through
the sophomore, junior, and senior year
where they’re working together in that
group. They learn about networking skills,
personal brand. They have an opportunity
to have a portfolio that they will work
on reflection and tying in the liberal
arts to their business courses. This is
lifelong learning, this is four years
they’re here at Loyola but this is an
ongoing process and so what we try to do
in the program is also really integrate
skills building. So in addition to the
academic courses they take they also
have a seminar program which helps build
real practical skills to complement
their professional development but also
their personal development. When I think
of being a Sellinger scholar here at
Loyola I really do think about myself as
a whole. I think of me being able to
learn in the classroom to learn what I
need to be successful in the business
world but then how can I be a better
leader outside of my learning? How can I
really challenge myself, get involved, be
able to challenge others, be able to work
well on teams. Characteristics of the
students are varied but the one thing
that they all share is a passion for
learning. The second thing that they all
share is a deep and abiding respect for
each other. The faculty here at Loyola
through the Sellinger Scholars Program are
phenomenal. With the open-door policy you
can always feel like you’re never alone
with anything that you do- talking to
Professor Astrid Schmitt King or talking
to a marketing professor or an accounting
professor they’re always available for
you. Our Sellinger Scholars go out into
the world ready to lead organizations
that are really building a better world.
The advice I would give to anyone who’s
considering applying to the Sellinger
Scholars Program is to absolutely apply
and to take advantage of every
opportunity that’s offered to you
through the program. By doing so you open
yourself up to opportunities that are
going to help you establish who you want
to be professionally, academically, and

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