Senate Impeachment Trial Of President Trump | Saturday, January 25 | NBC News (Live Stream)

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  1. The Dems’ handlers know they never had a case. They also know that witnesses will never make a difference either. So no matter how badly we’ve seen the Dems losing, you may be wondering why then has the Dems' handlers ordered their floor senators to mindlessly continue pushing for witnesses they know won’t matter?

    It’s because they know Executive Privilege will tie this trial up in the courts right up to the election. This is an obvious effort to hurt Trump’s re-election bid as the cloud of an impeachment trial looms over his incredibly-successfully-unstoppable head. It will also force Senators – Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Amy Klobuchar off their campaign trail as well.

    Also, never mind Biden who is already toast as the Dem handlers have orchestrated he and his son go down for their Ukrainian Burisma Holdings corruption.

    That just leaves one of two people big enough to jump in the race at the last minute to save the day… Either Hillary or Michelle; I think Dems are sick of Hillary so my bet’s on Michelle – the only person on the planet that could give Trump a run for his money. Sadly Michelle wouldn’t win on policy, but in popularity. The End.

  2. The defense opens and immediately wants to talk about intent in the last election and tries to make this about the coming election. This trial is about Trumps misconduct, obstruction, and a chain of evidence inclusive of witnesses and documents, which the Republicans are unwilling to agree to provide. This is not about Germany, or France, and NATO, its about Trumps meddling in the 2020 Election, which is treasonous to say the very least.

  3. schiff and nadler have NO FACTS only hunches, opinions and LIES…. The only FACTS have come from the Presidents Lawyers… AND AS USUAL the MAIN STREAM MEDIA is talking crap and FAKE FAKE FAKE Crap TRYING TO DESTROY AMERICA with Bu;; Shiff

  4. 2hr and 19 minutes of useless rhetoric, non-related historical data, semi-interesting deflections, and embarrassingly un-substantiated, erroneous claims. All of this and highlighted especially with Jay Sekulow's dramatics and evangelist-type inflections. What could be more 'entertaining'?

  5. Bottom line. Nobody is under oath to tell the truth! Let’s depose everyone and let the chips fall where they may. Of course the Ukrainians will cower with the power the US wields. That THEY did not bring up the aid proves zero! Swear everyone in and let’s go.

  6. Of course the article provided a safe shaven to start talking. Common sense is assuming because someone does not mention something means they are unaware!

  7. I love it how everyone in the comments (on both 'sides' of political loyalty) made up their minds before watching this.

  8. They keep referring to this call they put into their top secret server, let’s hear it, we’ll tell you what we hear

  9. Less than an hour in and the managers case is destroyed. Someone’s opinion isn’t whiteness testimony. Why not ask schiff to testify? Why did the house not present more before moving the case to the senate? The defense is using a scalpel to surgically cut away at the prosecution’s case. The defense is using the houses own whitenesses’ testimony to do so. At this point not a single republican is gonna swing which means this entire process is a waste of time and tax dollars.

  10. This is what they are really covering up. Hope you watch it to the end.

  11. Lol it only took 2 1/2 hours to blast the crooked Democratic too shame. So my old party the Democratic just wasted 60 million dollars of taxpayers money for hate.
    60 year old voting for my first time ask a Republican. It’s easy to see the liars and the hate fake news media. After living this long it’s easy to see through all this to change party’s to the right side . Trump 2020

  12. This is why Moscow Mitch gave the Dems an extra day, so they could rebuttal on Saturday when everyone is home.
    Remove the corrupt fake president from office.

  13. looks like Trump wins again he's going to hammer those Democrats in November they'll he'll give her a November to remember


  15. God Give us the strength and courage in exposing the dems lies! Durham is getting indictments ready as we speak for the deep state! Thy will be done

  16. For all you lames, all state dept employees serve at the President's pleasure. I'll have no choice but to think you idiots (60% of commentary) take cues from Political, Media Matters, MSM, and the like of those propaganda venues; of course w/o so many moronic lames they'd have no patrons! Wow, so many lame sheeple…JSMH

  17. The Republican fellow, the first one…went on about things, thinking we did not hear the 'rest' of the story from the Dems. Interesting approach. Do they think we forget so fast? Do we? And now we hear how it was the PROCESS that was wrong so they didn't have to adhere to supboenas. (True, I can't spell that but you can get the gist)

  18. Pat Cipollone knows that the impeachment is about more than one phone call. So what if Trump and Zelensky mentioned burden sharing on the infamous phone July 25th phone call. The administration did not pursue this during the time that the military aid was held up so this is a bogus excuse.

  19. He said it himself: it was "in sum and character" what the call was about. Schiff NEVER said it was verbatim. And Trump, immediately after Zelenskyy asked about the missiles, DID say "I'd like you to do is a favor, though."

  20. Mr. Cipollone did not see the transcript of the call. He referred to a reconstituted summary of the call which Mr. Schiff condensed and poetically summarized the essence of in his own words. None of us has yet to see the unedited verbatim transcript. So yes, let’s see the transcript! The administration has yet to release it.

  21. Flowed AFTER he found out he was caught. It should have never been held. The fact is, what he did was illegal, how he did it was illegal, and why he did it was illegal.


  22. QUIT ARGUING AGAINST THE PROCESS AND ARGUE AGAINST THE FACTS! You KNOW what he did was illegal. You KNOW he needs to go. You KNOW he's destroying the country. WHY ARE YOU DEFENDING THIS MAN???

  23. So Mr. Purpura what is inadequate with the basement? Did they not put up the drywall in that room? Was there no heat, lighting? Please explain how the republicans were excluded when they were present. The republicans even stormed the room under false pretenses being excluded even ones who were part of the meeting. It was hilarious. I did not know that the house republicans were such good comedians. That was a good one!

  24. Volodymyr Zelensky's knowledge of the hold of aid is irrelevant. When a criminal intends to commit a crime, that criminal does not notify the victim of intentions to commit a crime against the victim ahead of time.

  25. Trump violated the impoundment control act. Ukraine already passed the checks for taking care of corruption when Congress authorized the money.

  26. Using Trump's words in the arguments to defend Trump from committing a crime are invalid.

    Trump's credibility is in question in these trials. His own history for lack of telling of the truth nulls his credibility.

  27. It was not just Lt. Col. Vindman who was concerned about the call. There was a whistle blower too. That was the person who was so concerned that that call was not conducted appropriately. That complaint was examined by the inspector general for the intelligence community and determined to be credible and urgent. Lt. Col. Vindman reinforces and verifies the complaint by the whistleblower. The whistleblower indicated that the record of this call was inappropriately hidden away, put on a classified server and that this was not the first time that such a thing had occurred.

  28. No OVERT comments until after the Politico article because THEN it was public! BEFORE then, it was kept under wraps. AFTER then, Ukraine had to say something or look stupid. Talk about obvious and logical.


  29. This is getting ridiculous. They had secret hearings, intel committee and judicial committee. Claiming they had and have compelling and overwhelming evidence?? Where is it all? Why do they need more? They had all the time they needed 78 days could've had more, yet they decided it was Soo urgent they rushed to impeach before Christmas. Then, to add to it, they took over a month to send articles of impeachment to senate… wasn't it soo urgent? Stop with all these presumptions, thoughts, feelings, differences in policy and get over it. They just don't like Trump and his agenda. They proved nothing no direct evidence, no mountains of evidence, nor as they say overwhelming and compelling. They've just been circling the same thing over and over just in different words and scenarios, it's time it's over. Millions and millions of tax payer dollars are beeing wasted as well for judicial-senate time. Instead of spending tax payer money wisely elsewhere and judicial-Senate time for the benefit of our country. For example, the Mueller investigation, 32 million tax payer money down the drain for a result contrary to what evidence Schiff claimed he had on Russian collusion. Yet Mueller report is case closed proving Schiff WRONG and deceitful. For the ones saying Republicans are blocking no wonder right? as how Democrats blocked Republicans in secret hearings, intel commitee and Judicial committee for 71 days. What do you expect when all that time it was a one sided democratic impeachment. Plus judicial committee has the right to keep investigating but the majority of the Senate thinks its enough they are not doing the work of Schiff when they had the opportunity to keep investigating but instead rushed to impeach… guilty now then prove later, it doesn't work that way. It needs to end.

  30. Mr. Purpura tells us that the Ukrainian President is an unsophisticated person who would speak frankly to the public despite their own national interests. So it is only President Trump who would lie or hide the truth to the public (now let’s not get excited about the insinuation that Trump might lie. He has racked up quite a score with regards to that) but that it would be unthinkable for the Ukrainian President might also do the same.

  31. Although the Ukrainian President may not have admitted that he felt any pressure from the President of the United States yet the frequent inquiries made by lower level officials into the military aid shows us that they knew about it and were anxious for it. They also were eager for the White House meeting with the president and inquired about it many times yet it never happened. The president met with Putin a couple of times, May 3, and June 28 and spoke on the phone on July 31 too! Either the president is oblivious to the importance of these meetings, which stretches the imagination or he was very aware and pressuring the Ukrainians in a way that would be unmistakeable to even the most dimwitted person much less the President of Ukraine especially when they are at war with Russian proxies in eastern Ukraine. Finally, the explanation given for the implementation of the hold of the military aid and the eventually lifting of it is inadequate especially since they actually broke the law.

  32. Day 5, marks the beginning of the cover up by McConnel, presented by trump and his legal team. During the opening argument their intent was clear, distortion of the facts. To say with a straight face that "trump did nothing wrong," is a criminal lie. They spoke of tearing up the ballots, as if trump was elected by the people; omitting the fact that trump lost the popular vote by a margin of 3 million votes. The next three days will be nothing more than an attack against our democracy, by hired liars and manipulators, dressed as lawyers, with the intent to obstruct the truth, hoping to erase the serious and dangerous evidence presented in the past 3 days. #DemandWitnesses

  33. These people have absolutely no Credibility or Dignity, Their a bunch of Ruthless lyning Criminals, Welcome too the Trump Era ! 🤢

  34. Sekulow is complaining about the length of the trial? Has he never tried a case before? Get real! He is on perhaps the most important case of his career and he whines like a toddler. Be a lawyer and carry on like a professional!

  35. After watching the entire presentation the defense produce more evidence than I expected in the short time, wow, piece by piece the are taking apart the narrative that I've been hearing in the press. And legally, its a great point of argument on the subpoenas. This brings me to ask why were these facts actually hidden and not talked about? What could someone be thinking by omitting what I saw here today? Why are people pushing such narratives about a president when depositions prove differently. Many depositions prove and say totally different than what they democrats claim. Man, what you can learn by actually listening.

  36. If the whistleblower could send a letter outlining the issues, so can those who have been blocked from testifying by the president..

  37. Patrick Philbin is being deceptive when he referred to the meetings in the SCIF, the basement room of the House of Representatives, as secret. It was secret from the public but not to the republican House members. So Mr. Philbin is misrepresenting the House process. This decreases his credibility when he makes his arguments. Everything that Mr. Philbin says must now be looked at closely for accuracy and truthfulness. If Mr. Philbin is correct concerning the House subpoenas then I do not see any reason why the President could not be impeached again in the next session provided that he is acquitted in this one. This impeachment trial if you can call it that is flawed in not allowing the introduction of new evidence and witnesses. That is what happens in trials so an acquittal here is only a veneer of innocence with out the substance to back it up. It will be akin to the OJ trial where there is still to this day a strong feeling that OJ was guilty all along. So as with OJ he is bound to get in trouble again if he has not already done so. There are arguably other grounds to impeach the President such as emoluments. The president is too defiant to alter his behavior so the case would be as fresh as ever ready to pursue after the election if he happens to win. This time we should be able to see evidence and witnesses. All that is needed is to have a House vote ahead of time. It would not be a waste of time. It is the do nothing Senate and the grim reaper that is holding up all the legislation not the House. This would give the Senate a chance to catch up on the backlog.

  38. If cross examination is a key to due process why is it not done during this process in the senate. After all this is the trial phase not the impeachment phase in the House which is akin to a grand jury. It seems to me Mr. Philbin is complaining about the process in the senate.

  39. The whistleblower complaint was accurate and evaluated by the Inspector General for the Intelligence Community before it was sent to the House of Representatives. If the complaint was baseless everything would have stopped there. The President’s threats towards the whistleblower sufficiently justifies the withholding of the whistleblower’s identity. This is already in the law and it should be respected. This is a bogus complaint. This is a democracy and the government is supposed to follow the law and be as open as possible so that the people from whom the authority is derived can make decisions about it.

  40. The impeachment and managers from the house can keep saying Trump abused his power all they want but they offer no proof no one has come forward to say I saw him say or do this it's all been here say hurt feelings and innuendo. Following that logic I say Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are both pedophiles and drug dealers I have no proof but it has about the same amount of force and Effectiveness as what the Democrats are doing

  41. Mr. Cipollone the President is not concerned with how much money is spent. He breaks all records on how much the American people pay for his golfing. These sort of expenses much exceed what other presidents have spent. These facts as Mr. Cipollone only cost a fraction of that. So let’s dismiss that argument. This is the business of the American people and the funds should be made available.


  43. Watching the president's team take apart the House Impeachment Managers' case was like watching a WWII documentary showing gun-camera footage of a US fighter plane shooting up an enemy fighter, then the loser going down in flame – just like the Dems' sham impeachment articles.

  44. Trump just hires the best Attorneys. His Top Attorney Michael Cohen and look what he did and how he ended up! Well when you are a Trump attorney you are either spineless or very likely thrown under the bus! Why is this Sekulow guy reminding us about old testimonies? About people that they did not like?

  45. One thing shared by both Dem's and Repub's, most men are showing bald spots. Cameras on the balcony level have been very telling. Regarding the Republican point of defense, "Where's the beef?" If I planted spring flowers around a bank while observing bank employees daily tasks, speaking kindly and sympathetically about their competition's unfair ads against this bank…Then would my purported empathy and concern come into play when I appear before a jury for robbing that same bank later in the summer? I think not. If I earned the judgement, then I deserved the punishment for my actions, because most people have a conscious when it comes to right verses wrong, legal verses illegal. It is not in Trump's demeanor to play fair, be considerate, nor to apologize for his deeds. Much like Charlie Sheen's display of "winning," during Trump's public comments and twitters of his situation, constant demeaning, hypercritical of All attempts to educate and advise Trump of his Office Duties and Powers…does not bring the public to your side. Why? Because it is the future of our children, under this Constitution, on our soils, and our relationship with global countries that are at risk under Trump's slight of hand. We don't need any more Snake Oil Salesmen in our top office. Nor, does We the People need any more elected officials who are not capable of sound mind and prudent judgement in this impeachment trial.

  46. We need to hear the July 25 call in its entirety, not an embedded transcript of the call, that hides the truth. This lawyer claims, with a straight face that Trump meant "us" not he." Really ? I see it differently, by "us," he did not mean the citizens, he was not referring to the nation but to his own selfish interest. Us refers to Parnas, Giuliani, Pompeo etc., the president's squad. We are not stupid, your nose is growing by the minute, like Pinocchio. Any Ukrainian refrigerators or Ladas for sale ? Stop selling us vile lies.
    #DemandWitnesses #SaveOurDemcracy #NoOneAboveTheLaw

  47. Hey let's totally believe the dirt bag lawyers that are literally apart of the scheme itself! Right! Let's all be lemmings!! There is the cliff let's all jump off!

  48. Wow! I hope these people realize they are selling their soul… Drumpf isn't worth it people!!!! The man of lawlessness will reap his rotten fruit. I feel sorrow for those entangled in his web. "See to it that no man deceive you"yehoshua

  49. If Trump is innocent where is the ex president of Ukraine. his half of the store. Ok do people in Ukraine hate helping people who help them 🤨


  51. Trump winning, Dems about to lose this Hoax too. 2020 Trump Again.
    Dems about to Cry at Sky once Again – Get Ready.

  52. Divide and conquer is what it's called. The second you pick a side and disregard facts is the second you no longer think for yourself.

  53. Stop impeachment and don't blame 1white president for 2 black African 1half decade President Slavery that destroyed UK ROYAL IN LATEST HOLLYWOOD PAEDO ACTIVITIES

  54. 🔴🌟🔴🌟🔴🌟🔴🌟🔴🌟🔴🌟

  55. Why was the Ukraine security funds put on hold in the first place? (illegally btw) How was Ukraine supposed to buy the javelin missiles without those security funds? Why was Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch threatened, surveilled and ultimately fired? Why did Trump tell Lev Parnas to "take her out"? I surely hope Trump's lackeys get around to answering these questions. Witnesses ARE NEEDED!

  56. He doesn't realize he made the case for witnesses and evidence at 1:45:00. No one under investigation gets to talk to witnesses. That happens here, in the trial.

  57. PREDICTION : Trump will be ACQUITTED!
    Hearsay and Opinion testimony will not win a 2 / 3 vote in the Senate for impeachment nor will it stand up in any court in this country! TRUMP 2020! ☆

  58. Remember you all heard it here first;"Trump-the-Chump" will be out on his Rump!!!…because the Real & True Americans cannot & Will not tolerate anymore of his deliberate Ignorance , Bullying and Dumping!!😢😥😞😣😵😤😤😠😈😡👺👺; including our dearly loved & respected friends place the INTERNATIONAL community!…p.s.; we've All suffered from" Tyrants" like this throughout History people, this Cannot go on any longer, we all need to love, protect, pray and Stop this"EGOTISTICAL-EVIL" !!Now!..Period!!

  59. Bring out all witnesses will verify Mr President is good, why don't subpoena witness out to solve the case quickly? Why?Why?Why?

  60. The point is that the democratic leaders are afraid of the economic success of the president Trump due to the fact that democrats will be defeated in the coming 2020 election and so their only last weapon is the illegal impeachment .so that the democrats can return to power which non of the democrats deserve to be . Why because they are corrupt in all levels of their political activities like open boarders ,free medical service for everybody and free welfare for all who like to be . Why do they want give free things to everybody because it is the tax payers money and they have nothing to loose but gain in the ballot box. Again the democratic leaders believe that america is too rich and it dominates the people of other countries . So distributes the ill gotten wealth of the american wealth all over the world .and this is the only way to brake america and reduce its economic dominance all over the world so that america would become like any other country depend on each other . This is the ideological belief of every democrats wants of america

  61. Don't watch any videos of Trump for the next 3 days, he will be fried….make the ratings real low and turn off your TV all day Monday!

  62. It seems pretty cut and dry after the defence team tore the Dems apart on day 5 in a couple of hours. this was devastating for the Dem, hilarious to everyone else.

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