Should Democrats support Trump’s trade deal?

Look, the president is, according to the economic
indicators, going to head into the general election with a humming economy. He’s going to be able to say to the public
that he got the USMCA trade agreement done. This week, it looks like he’s going to be
able to say that he got an agreement with China done. And whether those actually make any kind of
material difference for people’s lives, you know, that narrative will be a powerful
one for him. And the reason this is going to be such an
issue for Democrats is not actually the fault of anyone on the campaign trail; it’s leadership
in the House. The USMCA, there was an opportunity for House
Democrats — of course, Democrats control the House of Representatives right now — to
negotiate harder to include climate and environmental goals in the USMCA. But instead of doing that, they allowed this
trade agreement to move forward without any significant inclusion of climate targets,
which set up this circumstance where you have farmers and workers on one side and environmentalists
on the other. I mean, welcome to Democratic politics. How often does this happen? And that forced this into the campaign cycle,
into the primary for Democrats, and it has created it into a wedge issue. And I don’t think that we really have a
great message on it right now. Obviously, we should be addressing climate
change through things like trade agreements, but we should also, as a party, not be setting
our leaders up for a tough, tough race on the campaign trail. And that’s what House Democrats have done
with this issue.

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  1. Without environmental controls put into these trade agreements the Dems& Repubs have set the Farmer's up, because with a Planet that is flooded or on fire and full of pollution, is not good for food production.

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