Sims Mobile Hack βœ… How To Hack The Sims Mobile πŸ”₯ iOS + Android APK Download

hey guys today I’m gonna show you how to
mod the sims mobile hack on iOS or Android
so for this process we’re basically
gonna download an app but it’s not on
the App Store because obviously it’s a
modded version so we need to get it from
the alternative source so first step is
your own iPhone just go on the settings
general background app refresh make sure
this is on Wi-Fi and mobile data just
like that okay so once we’ve done that
we’re gonna open our web browser go to
sideload that’s o side load
don’t CC just like up let’s go now we’ll
be taken to the list of apps like this
so I’ve had in sims and then here it is
here so you got a mod menu unlimited
some cash and Somalians so pretty cool
so what’s not an injection this is
basically just downloading the app
preparing it to be injected onto your
phone so yeah this will take a few
minutes just depends on your internet
speed okay I’m packing so it’s basically
for air so it saves down no time because
it’s a smaller file so it needs to
unpack the file afterwards storing
so we’re almost at the final stage yeah
so all we have to do for this part is
download two free apps from the list and
run them for 30 seconds now this is
basically to inject some of the code
because these are verified out just run
the app store so this is basically a way
to get around out those cool signing
which prevents on sign tops
okay so just wait for these two up to
the download now you might not get these
exact apps but just do whatever is on
the list it just depends on your
location and stuff okay so we’ll open
this one and then you just cut down to
30 in your head I’m not gonna wait the
full 30 because I’ve already got it but
then you do the same with this one
number two so once you’ve done that you
have the Sims mobile more on your phone
so let’s just open it up here
this might hit you know actually it’s
got a Donald a pop o it is deviation
okay never mind actually because it’s
done more stuff so I don’t have time to
wait on this but basically it’ll be
pretty self-explanatory once you go into
the app so thanks for watching guys I
hope you enjoyed this if you did leave a
like comment and subscribe with
notifications long as it helps me out a
great deal see that

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