SOLVED – How to Fix error 3194 iTunes | iPad | iPhone | iPod | iTouch

hello everyone welcome to easy steps today I’m gonna be showing you how to fix your 3194 error code while restoring your iPod iPad or iPhone so as you can see I get this error right here and what happens is when I try to restore my iPod it gives me this error right here 3194 it’s gonna be in your C Drive windows system32 drivers and etc and then you’re gonna see these files here first are you gonna want to do is you’re gonna delete your hosts umbrella and you’re going to open the host file you’re gonna use notepad and you’re gonna delete this line and you’re gonna save it and you’re going to reopen iTunes and now you’re gonna try to restore it as you can see it’s already starting to go through and here’s the iPod and there we go it’s starting to go it’s almost done it’s verified it’s almost done my ipod has been restored and just wait for it to turn on there you go that’s how you fix your 3194 error code while restoring your iPod iPad or iPhone thank you for watching if this video has helped you don’t forget the like and subscribe button thank you

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  1. Everything works just doesnt let me save the hosts file. Says I need to contact admin but I'm logged as admin?

  2. I tried what he described on my Ipad air 2014 and it works just like how he showed it. Thanks man that was a very easy tutorial.

  3. Is there a way that I can do this on the macbook?
    And does this still work because I have this iphone 5s but when i turn it on it tells me that "Iphone is disabled, connect to itunes" And ive tried restoring it but it gives me the error, please help me out As soon as possible.

  4. wow thank you very much I've been trying to fix this error for 2 hours but I watch this video and I fixed it in 3 minutes

  5. Hi , on my lapt6when I open up the host in notepad my last two lines after "localhost name resolution is handled within DNA itself" show up different…

  6. Y'all I didn't have host umbrella either and I literally just uninstalled my iTunes and installed again and bam my phone was unlocked !! I don't know if it'll work for all but I tried everything and anything

  7. i tried this but after i delete the last coding part in note pad it says u cannot save the file. n unlike yours mine has a lot more extra lines below the last bit of coding…. PLEASE HELP

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