Specialized Recovery Services program

Ohio’s Medicaid program already
helps many Ohioans access the health care they need. In 2016, changes to Medicaid benefits will: Coordinate care for better overall health, and Add Specialized Recovery Services for people who are eligible. If you previously received Medicaid coverage
by spending down your monthly income, you may now be eligible for the new Specialized
Recovery Services program. Ohio is enhancing mental health care to better serve people with high intensity needs. A series of improvements will help people get a variety of services and supports that will help them stay well. Behavioral health care includes services and supports for people with mental illnesses. Community behavioral health care refers to
having those services and supports delivered where people live, instead of inside of a
hospital or nursing facility. New services include: Recovery Management: You will receive help
in developing a plan of care specific to your needs Individual Placement and Support – Supported Employment: Assistance may be provided so
you can find and keep a job Peer Support Services: Other individuals with
similar life experiences will be available to provide support to help you maintain your independence in the community If eligible, these Medicaid covered services
could be added to your current Medicaid health care coverage, which does not change. Eligibility is based on: Income Age Mental health diagnoses Intensity of needs, such as help with keeping medical appointments, social interactions
and other independent living skills Housing situation. People living in a nursing
facility, hospital or other similar setting are not eligible. And, a disability determination from the Social Security Administration A Recovery Manager will be contacting potentially eligible individuals to provide more information about the program You should:
Continue seeing your health care providers, Ask about new services, And read any notices you receive in the mail from the Ohio Department of Medicaid.

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