The Fastest and Easiest Way to Have Your Own Fully Featured App

James Schramko here and I’m chatting with Jarrod Robinson from Hey, Jarrod. Awesome. Glad to meet you, James. Thanks for having me. So we’ve been talking about repurposing content lately. You have been prolific with apps and built out your own businesses. And for many years now, has been matching up the right app for the business creator, whatever kind of business they have. And of course, there’s different types of businesses from ecommerce through to fitness through to information products, coaching businesses. My app for SuperFastBusiness and SilverCircle has been provided by TheAppMatch. So I’m always interested in it. Up until now, we’ve been offering full service where you just do everything. And frankly, that’s probably the easiest and the most logical thing for a lot of business owners to do because it’s complicated. And unless you have a coder or you want to jump through all the hoops, it’s hard. Recently though, you were telling me there is an option, that’s a hybrid where people can access TheAppMatch platform. And they can have available templates, access the marketing engine which allows some amazing capability, which I’d love you to share. And you can also sort of build it yourself now within that platform. So you still don’t have to be a coder, you still don’t have to be like high-level, technically competent. It’s going to suit someone who’s used to sort of doing drag-and-drop websites, build their own stuff. So maybe the business is either in the earliest stages where affordability is a challenge or it’s in the later stages where you’ve got your own team and you want them to take over. And I think you can even switch between plans if you want. So I’d love if you could just share what is this new package on your platform, allowing someone to do if they don’t have an app right now and they want to get into it, and they want to get into it for a very reasonable rate instead of having to spend a few thousand dollars a month or to hire developer or or go through the freelancers on wherever and nightmare. Just a nightmare. Tell me what can we access right now with this drag-and-drop platform? Yeah, I love how you mentioned about websites too because I think back to when your crew began SuperFastBusiness and you did a lot of coding, what with Notepad almost? Well, no, I can’t say that I know how to code. My big breakthrough back in 2005 or six was to find some software that allowed me to build pages without having to be a coder. It was called XsitePro and you had to have a Windows computer. You had to have at least a sort of pragmatic understanding of how stuff work and then you would load up your FTP details and zap it up to the internet. And if anything changed on your desktop, you’d have to re-zap it up. I sold a lot of that software, it was a really good solution because I couldn’t use DreamWeaver, I couldn’t code in Notepad. FrontPage was a Microsoft product and I think it was on the way out about then. And this is before WordPress took off and before there were lots of easy-to-build website platforms like Mix or Wix, whatever they’re called these days. And then, of course, the latest program that I’m really keen on is 10XPRO which sort of comes and just wipes the floor with most of them. Yeah, back then, you know, desktop only. It was still complicated but it got me online. And that was the most important thing, but I’m hugely in favor of online solutions. Like they’re already hosted. They fully provided. There’s a lot of parallels that you’ve been talking about. Yeah, you don’t want… It’s the same thing for apps. Exactly. When I started doing the apps, I had to hire a programmer and they developed it in their little sandbox, and then, you know, they zap it up and I’m still scarred from it. Well, that’s the same thing. You know, recognition that technology’s progressed a lot. We have the same capacity now, why TheAppMatch platform for a business owner who’s like you mentioned in the early stages or in the later stage and has some capacity and they want to get on the app stores and repurpose some of their content. And you know, there’s a tool and platform and templates they can make a success with. And, you know, we’ve seen some people who go from logging in for the first time, selecting a template and let’s say they’re a podcaster and a blogger, and they sell some content. And they have an MVP version of their app in a couple of hours. It still needs a little bit of polish and so on. And they get in touch with us via our live chat and our support. And before long, they’ve got an app on the store for you know, we’re not talking thousands at all. We’re just talking a nominal rate of 159 a month, and they get the entire arsenal of a native app, an Android app, iOS iPhone. But then they get this whole back-end infrastructure of how they can analyze their app, see its effectiveness, and also monetize it through a whole host of you know, push notifications and internal ad network. So plenty of parallels. It rolls off the tongue there. But I think we should explain push notifications. What does that mean to a business owner with an app? If you’re in any app that you’ve probably turned on in your time and you’ve got that alert, saying, Would you like to receive notifications from this, you know, whatever the app might be. The tendency might be to say, no, but in some cases, there’s an opportunity to convey why that might be important for a business or for a user to say yes. And just for context, we have one of our PE apps and that’s 60% opt-in rate for push notification. So people have opened the app up, they’ve said, Yeah, I’d like to learn about more of the games and so on that we’re sending. And when we add a new game to this app, a PE game, they get a notification. It’s like, hey, come and check out the new game. And it’s just a another way to channel the same messaging that you might be doing on social. So in short, you can log into your marketing dashboard and you can actually set up a message that goes out to people. Yeah. And you can even be really specific around it. So if you’re a business that has any geographical limitations or those type of elements which is, you know, keen with what we do for our business, you could say, I want to send this to everyone who’s sitting in Manly, in Sydney. And if they’re in that location, they’ve got their phone on them then they’re going to get the message. So there’s like this huge opportunity for businesses that have those sort of restraints around them. It’s just one of the marketing features in the app. And it could put an advertisement inside your app. Yeah, that’s like a huge opportunity too. A lot of people are leveraging advertising platforms to purchase brand presence in Facebook, Google, and so on. Imagine if you had your own app, and you could run your own ads in your own platform to your own customers. Or, better yet, you could actually sell that advertising placement to a third-party and measure it and track it. That’s all possible inside the backend infrastructure of TheAppMatch platform and pretty powerful. And you can also see how many people use it, what kind of devices are popular etc. To learn more about your audience. You might find less people on Android or you might find more people on iOS but you can see that metrics inside the backend of the platform and be able to react to that. So, you get a bit of a feel for what people are doing, what they like, and so on. To give you some context, we have a lot of podcasters that have their podcast available in the app. And they’re able to get a bit of a feel for where most of their listeners are coming from and in some cases, they’re getting people who have never even listened to their show listen to their show for the first time, because they’re not now having to subscribe via their favorite podcasting platform of choice; they’ve got an app and in it is some audio they listen to and they don’t even need to know it’s a podcast. So there is a whole array of ways that you can repurpose the content that you’ve already got. Put it into your app and then be able to measure like what people are doing and how they’re doing it. Nice. So in short, if you don’t have an app, you can now access an app very cheaply for less than a few hundred dollars. And it has a full suite of marketing tools that you might expect in a fully-featured, full-service app. And if you’re not sure if the app’s right for you, can you head over to and ask support, like, find out if it’s going to be the right solution? And of course, if people get stuck, is it well supported? Yeah, we love that. We regularly talk with business owners, and we match them to ideas and sometimes those ideas aren’t with us there with you know, further up the chain fully custom, you know, massive, big type of app presence, but most of the time they’re with us and we can find a way to navigate through it. So if you’re not sure and you know, like to know more, head over to and you can read about it or just engage in one of our live chats. And yeah, if you’re in the platform and you need help, then there’s multitude of ways from my team members in there with you, building your app in real time with you which is quite powerful, right through to jumping on calls and going back and forth. We have a lot of people who move betweengetting most of the content done themselves and then adding in some additional service from ud. Right, so they can top up if you want somewhere in between full service and do-it-yourself? You’re not just left in the lurch. Exactly. Yeah. Huge opportunity. And I just think about how your journey with building websites is how simple that’s become and this platform is the same thing, but for native apps. Yeah, it makes so much sense. And I just wanted to also say thank you so much for making the SuperFastBusiness app and SilverCircle app. It’s so useful for my members, because I know it’s a huge retention tool that helps people stay on board. It’s right there on their phone. And I use it to serve my own community. But I mean, that’s really the ultimate test. So thank you so much, Jarrod. Pleasure. Thank you for having me! Jarrod Robinson. Go check it out.

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