The GCHQ Tempora Program

So far no help for US authorities
in trying to nab Edward Snowden
The world’s major telecommunication firms
have been working alongside
the British Intelligence Agency
handing over masses of private data.
Britain’s eavesdropping center GCHQ
is running the biggest operation.
You have nothing to fear, nothing to fear
about the British state or its
intelligence agencies
listening to the contents of your phone calls.
This kind of vast and encompassing
kind of technology
does not distinguish between innocent
private citizens and targeted suspects.
Distance from earth, 3140 nautical miles.
Tempora is the codename for a secret program
which GCHQ
the Government Communications Headquarters runs.
The main part of the Tempora program
is tapping of transatlantic cables,
which includes any communications basically,
internet, telephone text messages.
There is the potential to capture
up to 21 petabytes of data a day,
which is the equivalent of sending all
the information in the British library 192 times a day.
We know about this because of documents that
were leaked by the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.
There are around 300-400 analysts
who look through that data,
however in terms of the intelligence services
more broadly in the UK,
its been suggested that it is around 10’000 people
that have access to that data.
So there is GCHQ, MI5 and MI6.
In the States it is supposedly around 850’000
NSA workers and government contractors
who have access to that information.
I sitting at my desk
certainly had the authority to wiretap anyone
from you or your accountant to a federal judge
or even the president if I had a personal email.
X-Keyscore a quote top-secret
National Security Agency program.
This is ground control operations, urgent.
There is a program called X-Keyscore.
So you start off with the session data
on the internet, the content you’re looking at,
that is then categorized,
so you have emails, telephone calls etc.
it is then put through a series of filters
and stored on a database which an analyst can query.
Some of this information is stored for over 5 years.
Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald
is reporting on a tool called X-Keyscore.
The analyst sits at his or her desk,
and search for things when they don’t even know
the person that they are searching for,
they can search just by general keyword,
they search email accounts for certain words,
they search user browser history
or Google searches for names,
and then they start assigning suspicion to people
and tracking them.
Every citizen in the UK is affected by this
in terms of scope it’s unprecedented.
Anyone who is aware of what went on
when the Stasi operated,
it was you know incredibly invasive,
any mail that was sent,
you had no expectation of privacy.
So people were shocked by that,
but then they’re not shocked that
someone could potentially very easily read
all their emails, or texts, or communications.
We have a weak signal strength.
Shall we play a game?
Citizens of the world, we are Anonymous.
Since we invited you to show our fellow citizens
that our privacy matters,
we as Anonymous Hacktivists want every citizen
on the planet to know
that the surveillance state is unnecessary
to our security.
This is Euston are you reading?
UK Defence Officials have issued a DA-Notice.
Defence Advisory Notices have allegedly been issued
to major media outlets
to not report or have limited reporting on
certain issues.
Potentially if organisations don’t follow these,
then journalists or broadcasters could be
open to prosecution under the Official Secrets Act.
Government Cencorship is one form of control,
When citizens have to accept what they’re told,
despotism stands a good chance.
It’s difficult to know in terms of
the way the UK law stands,
because we have had very little debate
or communication on it.
Supposedly the UK government isn’t allowed
to spy on its own citizens through this kind of system
unless there is an individual warrant.
Unauthorized personnel clear the area.
If you look at quotes from GCHQ’s own legal advisers,
which have been published in the Guardian.
Quote: We have a light oversight regime
compared with the US.
And 2nd quote: We are less concerned by
NSA’s concerns about compliance.
The NSA is actually funding GCHQ.
The US government has paid at least 100 Million pounds
to the UK spy agency over the past 3 years,
in return for this money
they’ve got access to and influence
over Britain’s intelligence gathering programs.
The NSA view GCHQ as an asset
because of that lighter oversight,
so they are not as constrained as the NSA are.
If someone has a complaint against the
Security Services they need to go to the IPT,
which is the Investigatory Powers Tribunal.
This tribunal operates in secret, they don’t have to
give the reasons for their decisions,
and there is no platform for appeal.
By GCHQ’s own admission in internal documents,
they have said,
so far they have always found in our favor.
GCHQ has been praised by the commissioner
who look at these things recently,
for the highest standards of integrity.
Of course you’ve never seen me before.
The Guardian quoted an Analyst who said
that there were four criteria that they use,
which is security, terror, organized crime
and Britain’s economic wellbeing.
Say you just go into the economic wellbeing statement,
well what does that mean?
It’s a very broad term which they could use,
to say, well, it means this.
Say you are a political dissident,
a whistleblower or an activist,
if the government decides to take an interest in you,
then you’re fair game basically.
US officials have charged NSA whistleblower
Edward Snowden with Espionage.
The man is a traitor,
this is an act of war against the United States.
For treason, as in the case of Bradley Manning
or Edward Snowden, you bring back the death penalty.
Snowden has been a step ahead of US authorities so far.
You simply have to eventually fall under suspicion
from somebody, even by a wrong call
and then they can use this system to go back
in time and scrutinize every decision you’ve ever made,
every friend you’ve ever discussed something with
and attack you on that basis
to sort of derive suspicion
from an innocent life and paint anyone
in the context of a wrongdoer.
Burn the witch.
This level of surveillance on citizens
is unprecedented.
I don’t think we can assume that people who work
for the government are always going to act lawfully
and if an operative were to act
outside of the realms of the law
we would probably never hear about that as the public.
Look at things like
the Independent Police Complaints Commission
which we have as a body to complain to the police,
they very rarely rule against the police
and they’re a public body.
We as the public have no such public body
with the Intelligence Services.
We just have to take William Hague
and others at their word that
if you have nothing to hide you’re fine basically.
Greetings my friend.
We are all interested in the future,
for that is where you and I are going to spend
the rest of our lives,
and remember my friend, future events such as these
will affect you in the future.
Text: First they came for the whistleblowers.
Voice: That it could happen in America.
Text: then they came for the activists.
Voice: that it could happen now.
Text: then they came for…
Voice: that it could ever happen to me.
Keep Safe
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  1. We'll be starting a longer documentary project on the British Surveillance State next year. hunt them down like dogs we will.

  2. 'Internal, private thoughts can be hacked and broadcast remotely via nano-chips because electrical synapses are mechanical and electrically conductive links between pre- and post-synaptic neurons. DTI encodes data that can be used to generate measurements and a visual analysis of psycho-linguistic manipulation. Psycholinguistic/Neurolinguistic Lab's often artificially create 'forced speech' by nano – chipping individuals. When this specialized experimental hardware and software goes wrong, committee's diagnose or fabricate DSM-5 disorders. Wittgenstein's language games have evolved in to speech engineering and processing. Another strategy of manipulation utilizing media here in Cambridge, is to artificially recreate 'schizophrenia-esque symptoms' by morphing images of people with T.V visuals and disrupt audio signals on audio from electrical devices like computers. This is to create neurodegenerative diseases in otherwise healthy individuals.' (Jason Wakefield, University of Cambridge), 

    NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden: 'I don't want to live in a society that does these sort of things'
    Stop illegal surveillance being conducted on YOU!!! By signing Rand Paul's class action lawsuit:  (Share this Link everywhere)

  4. MI5 coerces the media NOT to publish my true GCHQ Cheltenham account, hence concealing their complicity in the murder of WPC Yvonne Fletcher.
    The true facts of my GCHQ Cheltenham account are:
    I am the son of a London Metropolitan Police Constable who was in turn the son of a London Metropolitan Police Constable.
    Typically at lunchtime, I would go for a walk but late morning on the 17 April 1984, my line manager (Phil Baker) instructed me to be “available” in my office during lunchtime. He provided no explanation. I later reflected, in some horror that only item 3 occurred.
    Lunchtime on the 17 April 1984, the Communications Hall Supervisor was sitting on my desk in my office apparently waiting for me to return to my office. He had no reason to be there and he ‘blocked’ me up against the closed door. He then read the “missed” signal to me.
    A couple of weeks before the shooting there was a brief argument in my office between the Day Duty Officer and my Line Manager regarding the night shift sleeping in my office.
    A few weeks before the shooting, the G6 Senior Manager responsible for my appointment to that office, warned me that my integrity might be challenged and compromised.
    A few weeks before the shooting, my office colleague insisted that I leave my desk, open our office door and look across the corridor and see a similar folding bed as in the attached photograph.
    My office colleague often made a great fuss about the night shift sleeping in our office.
    Prior to the shooting, a journalist that just happened to be writing a series of articles about GCHQ and Geoffrey Prime, declared on the 7.00am train from Worcester to Cheltenham that The Chestnut was his favourite pub. The Chestnut happens to be approximately 100 yds. from Flag Meadow Walk – our home at that time.
    After the shooting, the same journalist attempted to ‘pump’ me for information.
    Prior to my appointment to GCHQ the previous year, to my surprise the Positive Vetting Investigator said to me that “they certainly want you”.
    On transfer to GCHQ, my Civil Service annual salary increased from £6,318 to £8,282 (31% salary increase – I wasn’t likely to say ‘no’ to such an offer).
    The GCHQ trade union campaign began after the decision by the government in January 1984 to ban unions at GCHQ.
    The questions put by Mr. Tam Dalyell (Linlithgow) in the House of Commons following the 1996 “Murder in St. James’s  –  Dispatches  –  Channel 4” two-part documentary must also be answered:

  5.      The entire internet at every second is stored, buffered and scanned by the GCHQ/B.I.A. so they can process all the data as fast as they want to without it going away.
         I do not care because I do not do evil things but what if your naked lover is scanned by some pathetic analyst/guard/agent? You would never know. Would you care? I bet you would if they were in the same room with you and you knew they violated your privacy. 

  6. I have no problem with this because they are help preventing terrorism and if you done nothing wrong on the the internet then what are you worrying about

  7. The idiots who made this video should go and join IS, they would get on. I for one trustl GCHQ SIS SS to protect this country rather than terrorists and lunatics like Corbyn. Snowden has done immense damage and basicly helps those who would do this country harm to avoid having their communications intercepted. I hope the Guardian is proud of itself…..

  8. Till gchq clear up their child porn problem they should not get any more funding and there should be a case made a for criminal negligence at the least. Would be interesting to see a log of who sees what on 'their' database…

  9. Watch the trailer to our new documentary "The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire"

  10. The masses have gone back to sleep… nobody cares about these things any more.

  11. And now it's 2017 and Teresa May has deployed "Operation Tempora" which isn't the same thing. It's the deployment of the armed forces to public streets

  12. For your next video – let me suggest not using so much mood music, and stick to facts rather than splicing in random footage to get the emotions going. The points get lost with all the packaging.

  13. lol this is clearly a decoy building and the real communication centre isn't even shared with the public, after all we are treated the same as terrorists so why are they going to tell us the "terrorists" that this in fact is the communication centre for the whole of Britain, yeah bollocks.

  14. The government creates problems i.e. ( terrorism) so they can bring in a spy or eavesdropping agency to monitor everyone not just the people ( terrorists). Your government is corrupt.

  15. Wikipedia states "Tempora is the codeword for a formerly secret computer system" ie shit ain't secret anymore Toto

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