The MINI Countryman | Plug-in Hybrid

MINI is always up for inventive and pioneering ideas
– one of the best ways to use this expertise
is to create more sustainable driving solutions:
Like the MINI Countryman Plug-In Hybrid.
It gives you the versatility of an SAV with unlimited mobility and an electric driving experience
by combining an e-powertrain and a petrol engine.
The MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4
offers an intelligent interplay between both systems
by combining them depending on
the drive mode and the situation you’re in.
Go all electric up to 40km –
perfect for your daily drives in the city.
Or bring the TwinTurbo 3-cylinder petrol engine
with a 36l tank to go for long distances
with an approximately combined range of up to 500km.
This gives you sustainable SAV capability
without any big compromises in range, travel comfort and everyday usability.
When sitting in the interior the three major differences
are for one the yellow start-stop-button.
Secondly, the eDrive toggle with which
you can switch between the individual eDrive modes.
And thirdly, the eBoost gage next to the speedometer
which shows the readiness of the e-engine
as well as the boost capacity.
The switch from eDrive to the combusting engine and back is a very smooth transition –
you won’t even recognise it:
and neither will the environment.
The first of the three Driving Modes
is the Auto eDrive Mode.
This is the default setting when starting
and determines the most efficient combination
of the electric motor and the combustion engine.
When the driver is going at a low speed but needs to accelerate
– to overtake someone on the freeway for instance –
MINI eBoost maximises drive output by feeding energy from the battery
to support the combustion engine.
The MAX eDrive mode lets you enjoy pure electric driving with driving speeds of up to 125km/h.
Thus omitting any local emissions as well as not using any fuel at all –
perfect for noiseless driving in residential areas.
Since good relationships are all about giving and taking –
the battery doesn’t just power the engine;
the battery always gets power from the engine
as well as the brake energy regeneration.
If the battery power decreases –
you can switch the toggle to the third mode:
The SAVE battery mode steps in and enables the combustion engine to recharge your battery while driving,
so you can keep charging while on a freeway to use the saved energy later for your urban drive.
What a team these two are, wouldn’t you say?
You might ask yourself – where do they put
all this additional high-tech equipment?
The answer: where it doesn’t bother you.
The battery is stored neatly under the rear seat without greatly compromising the loading possibilities of the car.
But let’s not forget – this is not only a Plug-In Hybrid, but also an SAV Plug-In Hybrid with ALL-Wheel drive.
Electrical ALL4 again proves how well the world of a combusting engine
and an electric motor can go together.
The Dynamic Stability Control module distributes the
propulsive force of the motors to their respective axles
so as to optimise traction and performance.
With the combustion engine feeding the front axle
and the electric engine feeding the rear
electrical ALL4 drive ideally unites the dynamics of both.
This hybrid is up for any adventure.
And it’s always ready for the next within a very short time:
you just plug in the cable into the car
and connect it to any power outlet.
In only 2.5 – 3.5 hours, your vehicle is reloaded completely – and gives you the green light.
So get out there again:
with a clear conscience and true MINI Go-Kart-Feeling.

35 Replies to “The MINI Countryman | Plug-in Hybrid”

  1. What a waste of time, try harder like Tesla with its 200 miles real world. It will weigh a ton, and fossil and EV combo is five years ago hardly inspired is it, more like late to the party. Rapid charging and a 200 mile range in a Cooper now your talking.

  2. I like the idea of a Hybrid, but the 40 Kl range is to little for the ev mode. I have a reservation for a model 3 tesla….. will just wait….

  3. Is the cushion thing going to be in PHEV version? I think the battery's fitting behind the back seats so I doubt it will be an option.

  4. Like it but never will buy it. Base price around $48 K. Come on Mini guys. Almost nobody will order it. See you after 1 year.

  5. ok, some serious questions need to be answered, is this car 4×4 as it claims? when the front wheels are powered by the petrol engine and the rear by the electric? im waiting for mini to confirm.  what happens when you dont have charge left in the electric batteries to power the rear wheels and you need 4 x 4  in ice or snowy situations? Why have mini/bmw failed to supply the domestic charging cable when supplying the hybrids????? All you get is a case to put it in!!!! My mileage is only 24.5 miles to the gallon !! just using the petrol engine and since i picked my new mini phev car up two weeks ago ii still haven't received the domestic charging cable. So unable to charge battery properly !! yes it wasn't supplied  when i collected the car.

  6. I Buy Mini Countryman Hybrid to Genting Highland using 7 litre petrol. But go to KL All using Hybrid no cost, on battery used 50% can more than 50km flow down highway Re-Charge battery 50% to 100% you can try it!

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