The mobile printer for all applications – THERMOMARK PRIME

You can use the THERMOMARK Prime thermal transfer printer for printing both US and UCT material.
Thus you are able to easily create the marking for terminals, conductors, cables, devices,
and systems directly on site – exactly where it is needed.
Operation is quite easy thanks to the display. A 7-inch touch screen display comes to use here.
The device functions completely autonomously without the need for connection to a PC.
You are supported by a smart search function as well as our handling videos.
In addition, you can benefit from the automatic material, ink ribbon and magazine detection.
In this way, printing errors can be completely avoided.
The THERMOMARK Prime can be used in both mobile applications and desktop solutions.
As a desktop printer, it is simply connected to a PC with a cable and can be controlled using
the PROJECT complete planning and marking software.
For mobile applications, it is provided with a marking option and a high-performance battery
that will last for approx. 8 hours.
This provides you with power for a complete shift.
The THERMOMARK Prime and the THERMOMARK Card can process the same range of material.
Both printing systems allow more than 600 different materials to be used in a wide variety of applications.
You thus gain the flexibility to choose the printing system that best suits your application.

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