The Simpsons iOS Unlimited Donuts, All Old Items

Hows it going YouTube? so today June 29 2013
and I want to show you guys the latest
Simpsons tapped out hack this is a fully
functioning unmarked acted all work on
your iOS 8.3 device which is just been
jailbroken so just show you guys before
I get into how to do it
my version is hacked your you get
presented with the welcome screen here
as well as when I choose to go into my
inventory here you can see I can get
everything is there already I can get
all of the extra characters and
buildings I want so on and so forth
you can openness and get yourself money
if you need it and add don’t expect me
to see you can see there I didn’t work
going on I don’t know why you’d want to
remove documents she can do that there’s
lots of different things that you can
add your simpson’s I have a lot of
catching up to do could spend a little
while since I played but this is all the
old items so you can literally get every
item here ever missed you regard to use
this is really great for people like you
spend a lot of time playing this game
you’ll realize that you can’t really
enjoy the game with the spending a lot
of money and so that to me in my opinion
is kinda dumb and that’s the reason I
show people how to do this anyways these
are all the old items and you can access
here all of the different things so
turns into tons and tons of things you
can do on your simpson won’t bore you at
this juncture gonna wanna know how I do
this but as you can see here my senses
ridiculous huge lot of different things
so high right now how do you do this so
first thing you guys are gonna wanna do
and I’m just gonna double to close this
year now what you wanna do first is you
want to download The Simpsons tapped out
you wanna open it and you want to allow
it loads you’ll sit on this mean home
screen here get to be a little donor
corner right words to stop to continue
their their be a little donut loading
allow it to download all the updates so
if you haven’t opened it a little while
do that then what you’re gonna wanna do
again this requires jailbreak is heading
to see here in video you’re gonna wanna
go to sources top here which can see
with the little spinning reel and we’re
going to walk to add this source here
now this is the mars to your whatever
it’s called I hope posted links in the
description and at the bottom of this
video for you guys once you’ve added the
source so what you do that had the
sources appeared at it and you go and
then you’ll be able to that city or
repos once you have it all you do is go
into the repo here all packages at the
child scroll all the way to the bottom
lip the Simpsons tapped out courthouse
and install I’m says reinstall because I
reinstalled this to show you guys the
house before actual structure
do I can do a reinstall it’s not gonna
hurt anything it won’t download does
take us so because downloading above a
70 megabyte file and then this will
patch the files for you when you first
install this you’re gonna action star
five or six different packages along
with all of them are safe they’re all
hurt that you follow respiratory thing
kinda shady so and they don’t waste any
background powers that you’ll see here
it does all the patching for you very
easy to do you have to perform restring
on the device I believe should hear
might not have to catch the files one
thing is make sure you open your multi
tasker closed it before we go back into
it and then when you go back into it you
will see once again exact same screen
that I showed you guys or tab to
and welcome back and we’re still hacked
so this was a remake of video I’ve done
quite a while ago I want to show you
guys this still works it’s still
relevant as of June 30 and July yeah and
definitely keep an eye out for now they
do do updates to this game and every
once in a while the hack that doesn’t
work for a few days
wait for an update in Cydia it will come
back so for the most part this always
works and I have been using it for a
long time I really liked it so thanks
for watching guys make sure your rate
comment subscribe and we will see you
next time

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