TMCC Social Work Program

I’m choosing Social Work as my emphasis
because I feel like it’s one of the
degree programs where you can actually
be on the forefront and inside of the
trenches helping people that are in need.
I want to do clinical family counseling with my degree.
I loved what my therapist
was doing.
I loved the conversations we were having
and I wanted to be kind of
that outlet for people.
After I got out of the Marine Corps I got into
fitness and being a personal trainer
and that’s where my passion for helping
people began,
but it wasn’t really until I had some life experiences that took me down through addiction and homelessness
and I got out of it that I realized that
I wanted to use my experiences to help other people.
I feel like I, I get a more
personalized education.
The office hours aren’t as jam-packed for my teachers and
when I have questions most of my teachers will answer my emails.
I’m very grateful to be going to TMCC
because I have that interpersonal
relationship with every one of my
Being able to raise my hand and get picked on and ask these questions that are burning inside of me and
keep me sparked and keep my mind going and
aid to that creative mind,
it’s a lot easier with a smaller class and a
smaller environment.
I mean I being in my 30s I already have life experience, you know,
but there’s something that’s switched. I want to be here.
I’m passionate about learning and doing it
so like the classes are that much more
exciting to me.
I’ve always wanted to help people so I feel like these classes are helping me reach those goals.
As I’ve gone and the people that I’ve met
and the opportunities has arose
I’ve, I’ve just kind of gone where my
path has started to take me and then
it’s taken me to the shelter right now,
where I get to work with so many
amazing individuals but also the population I
work with range anything from
veterans to children, substance abuse, mental
health, and the the opportunity
that I have now it’s kind of given me more
focus on what I want to do with my social work.
The disadvantages my parents had in
maybe not the full understanding on how
to implement or establish
generational wealth in the form of money, financially
financial stability or education even,
because those things will allow you to
elevate not just yourself but everybody
around you including your next
generations to put them in a position to
help as well. So it’s more of a long game
that I’m playing.
I want to be that caretaker. I want to be that person that
they can vent to about their problems
because nobody else in the world will
listen to them.
I just, I want to be happy
and I want them to be happy because
everybody deserves happiness.

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