To App or not to app – what can an app do for my business

The word app is literally short for
application and always has been. Apps can be made for mobile devices like
phones and tablets also for watches, cars televisions but for the purpose of this
video we’re going to be focusing on apps made for mobile phones and tablets. There are two types of apps that businesses can use; internal apps and external apps. Internal apps are predominately used by employees while they are out on the road.
This enables them to check their work, replace paper and stay in contact with
the office. The benefits for external apps are that your customer gets to access the information you hold about them quicker they can access it via an
icon on the dashboard alone on their device and they don’t need to log in. And
if you do want them to log in they can use biometrics like fingers or faces. Additional benefits for businesses is that they can send push notifications to
not just customers but also employees. Push notifications have been shown to be
much more engaging than any emails. People use apps over websites because
apps tend to be considerably quicker than websites, the user experience is
better, information can be consumed offline particularly if that information
was synchronized before offline mode and they are easier to access and quicker to
login. In terms of the costs of apps the app
lifecycle is relatively early in its maturity much earlier than websites, so
apps tend to be more expensive to develop but in order to give you an idea,
rather than saying how long is a piece of string, if a website to do something
costs around about 5,000 pounds, an app is probably going to cost about one and
a half times more.

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