Top Las 5 Mejores Apps para Grabar la Pantalla de tu Teléfono en Video y Audio

Music of the Intro Hi, how about youtube friends in this
I’m going to show you 5 applications used to record the
video phone screen, audio capture the screen and much more
the first one is called AZ Screen Recorder as you see I have it des
loaded on my phone I will leave the link in the video description just has to
download and install also remember activate the unknown origins of your
phone so they can install applications that come to us the
Play Store as we activate the screen overlay and
an icon automatically appears to that we can work with her as you see
this is the interfaces you can capture screen, you can record the video, do
everything, we allow you, you we start begin automatically
the next one I want to show you it’s called Screen Recorder
I will leave it in the description just download it
and install it we open it it installs super fast we accept the
terms look at everything he has
and we give if we want to grant the permission or not as I want you I’m going to
accept why I go where it was installed and run
of course and I have the screen overlay
Now I give it to you and as you see since they touch in the little button that has a little camera
record will start recording our video as you see it is good chevere has many
combinations if you look here you have a video editor can do
many things with her as a timer to start recording stop the
recording the moment stop when shaking they can change the resolution of the
video quality and many more things like seeing text
on the screen record the audio and also record the face can turn on
the front camera phone and also record their faces while they are
explaining and recording the screen of phone well che brief complete and is
completely free if you click and start it will start
automatically record follow us on my social networks Dionny.galva on Facebook and dionnygalva on Instagram next time I love you
show also don’t forget if you like the video like it
and leave your comment or subscribe and activate the bell
so you don’t miss a single one of Our next videos are called DU
Remember as I said I’ll leave the link in the video description for
that you can download I will leave it in MEGA and MEDIAFIRE to do it
the way you like it, we give it click on april
as you see it installs super fast and here it tells us that we have to activate
the screen overlay as you see all the applications it does the same
that function so that the icon on a computer that may have
access to it faster but also can access from the application you
we allow this is the application interface
as you see it has a record button and set up videos
also as it comes here has a creator live stream can stream
live on youtube or on the channel that you want it also has many functions well
interesting here you can change the resolution of the
video you can record a video in 1080p it has video quality too
they can improve the can orientation of the video that is to put it vertical or horizontal
they can record the audio they can reverse the color they can do many things with them to
shake the phone to have the recording
have look at the countdown can specify an account so that the
recording starts at the moment you want and you can capture the screen
they can activate the front camera of that phone and can also record a
moving picture as you see it is super complete and good
interesting I recommend you try each of those functions
then the next application that I’m going to show now it’s how you see and I’m going to allow it, I start recording
the screen must give initial now
and ready there I can record the audio video phone screen and camera
very complete and very interesting them I recommend you try it and leave your
commentary down there to be told I thought
and what part worked for you and that they start from the function I will show you another the
‘number two’ that I want to show you in second place is called Game Screen
Remember how your name says it works for games for that person who
they dedicate that they have a game channel is the perfect app for it if you
like those social media icons that are appearing on my screen and what
of the like button and the button of subscribe and activate the bell
I will also leave it in the video description so what
download I’ll leave it on mp4 and not they will have the name of no channel
so that you can put yours they also have a green background so that
you can eliminate in any application or any program of
video editing you have either Camstasia or Filmora or Sony
Vega or whichever you prefer as you see in the interface of Screen Recorder
it is similar to the other well complete it fixed in the resolution of the videos
they can put it the quality very good cool as you see
good high good quality as it comes and can show the camera
front can record the audio they can do many things with her
as you see there is delay time they can schedule to start the
recording when you will arrive and cool
how to see if I give and can record no problem
so here we are activating the screen overlay
and we give it back and now yes here we have it and we will do it as you see and I
I click on add and start now and start recording
I recommend you try it and give me your opinion we continue for position number 1 I will leave
the best of all it’s called Mobizen for me it’s the best of
you all try them and tell me which one it’s the best for you
as you see i’m installing I hope it calms and I give April as you see here it says that since the pre of
number one recording of the chosen world by more than 100 million users
the interface is cool flirtatious as you can see also has a version of
pay you can remove the ads but they also have a free version that
you can continue using it and practicing with if she convinces him then do the
pay is already this option of you As you can see, he talks about an essay
as I said those buttons that are popping up there if you like them I’m going
leave the link in the description of video like the Mobizen interface is
a little button that leaves you in a corner of the screen but you can move for your
want and we activate the overlay of screen
how to see we already have it working then we access it and as you see there are things I can move it
up down now where I want and here we have we can capture
screen capture the screen in video photo
you prefer if we enter the interface and we allow you to see how they see
can record the videos of fre fire the one of all that you want as they see you
It has an interface is very cool as you can see the sounds can be recorded
they can have a floating circle when tells me face cam means the
front camera record your face they can configure the resolution of the
video and many many more things
try it and tell me follow me on my networks social
dionny.galva on facebook and dionnygalva on instagram don’t forget to give
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