Trisha Illana NayantharaTamil full movie

Hey! Bhaskar! Get up!
Come on! – Come.
– Has everyone slept? – Yes, come on.
– I’m coming. Come soon.
Be careful. We can’t get a better
place for Rs.100. – Shut up!
– Okay. Now come. Pull up the bed sheets. Dude, I have the liquor… …but nothing to mix with it. What are you going
to mix it with? Man made liquor.. mixed with the natural water,
gives us the real high. Try it. Despite growing old… I didn’t know it. No ticket. You have run away from home? Did you fail the exam? Did you steal money
from your parents? Did you kill someone? I fell in love. So you must have suffered a lot? The almighty has to save you. My birth was a funny incident. Oh God!
Fool! I asked you to get an auto rickshaw.
What are you doing? Get up, man! now move! My wife is having labor pain.
Please help me. Why should I help you? Its getting late.
Please help. Gosh! The liquor shops
will close soon! I will give more than the
fare, please take us to the hospital. I’m going to buy liquor. I need to go to hospital. Impossible. Why? Passengers have already boarded.
Take a look. Who is that? Oh God!
– Hey! When did you people get in? Even her wife is pregnant.
– You too! – I will adjust.
– What? – There is no place.
– Come on! Careful! Get in. 2 pregnant ladies
in the first scene. Director is conveying a
message. What baby is it?
Boy or girl? – Boy
– Then the other one is girl. It seems to be a love story. Stop talking. Arrogant idiots. I’m helping you at the
risk of losing my liquor. Are you showing off
your attitude? Your turn is awaiting soon. – Stop!!
– Here he comes. – Hey Mr.
– What is it? My wife is having the labor pain. – Don’t panic.
– Please help – Please help!
– Don’t blabber. – I know all the heroes of Bollywood.
– Thank you. – See I scared him with my English.
– Get in. You too.
You got her conceived? Get in, moron. You don’t deserve respect! What is it, madam?
Boy or girl? Girl. Great! A boy and 2 girls. Guess there is
a twist in the movie. Probably a triangular
love story. Who is crying?
I’ll thrash you. When the other two can bear it?
Why can’t you? Please sing the song. How can I sing it now? – Only when the song is sung..
– Oh God! – the baby movement slows down
– Oh God! Hey, Mr. sing that song. I too can feel the vibrations. We have reached the hospital. – Please get down.
– Doctor! Doctor! wake up please. – What happened?
– Three ladies are facing the labor pain. – 3 ladies?
– Yes, Dr. – But I’m the only one available.
– But there are 3 ladies. Please take them to
another hospital. We can’t save their lives. – What do you mean?
– I can! They can be saved. We must aid the women in need. – That’s humanity.
– But there are no rooms – Take them to a ward.
– That’s fine. But, only 2 stretchers
are available. I see.. Help me! Have faith in God!
Don’t worry. Don’t cry. I’ll not let the women cry. – Oh God!
– What happened? – Doctor?!
– Doctor?! Are they safe? The women have given
birth to 3 cute babies. Thank you, very much Dr. I was born along with 2 girls. I was very happy. – Where is my kid? – Where
is my kid?- Move aside. – Where is my kid?
– Fools, look at the token. – Token? – Here is my kid.
– My son! – My darling!
– My cutie! My lovely daughter.
Thank you, God! You have given me an angel. You will become a great doctor. You will become a reputed engineer. You will become a cop! You will become a scientist!
My son! My cutie, you are my replica.
– Hello! – Bro! – My dear brother.
– Bro! Look at our son. Not ours! Its yours.
– Okay. My son!! – Look at him!
– My sweetie! I will go visit Hema.
– Okay. Teach him something good.
– I know. You are a lucky chap! You are sleeping beside 2 girls. But… No matter what you become..
May be a doctor! An engineer! Or a great scientist! But don’t trust girls. Learn from my mistakes. I got dumped ‘n’ number of times. Since my childhood, Aditi
and Ramya are my world. We were brought up
in a same colony. – Happy birthday to you
– Happy birthday to you!! – Happy birthday to you!
– Happy birthday to Ramya! Happy birthday to you! Give her a bite! You too share it, girls! Kiss Aditi! – Aditi!
– Coming… Kiss her! – Ramya
– Coming.. Why are you looking dejected, Ramya? I don’t like to celebrate my birthday. Why? I would have got many gifts
had I celebrated at my home. Here only you and
Aditi get gifts. No issues, take whichever
gift you want. I don’t need it. It’s your birthday too! Take whichever you like. I want that one. I can’t give that. My uncle had made it himself just for me. You promised me. I can’t it give it.
Take any other gift. – Jeeva.
– I’m coming, dad. Seek blessings from uncle. Ramya. I liked the song.
What’s it, dear? That’s my gift.
She stole it. – Is it his gift?
– Oh no! – Give it back to him.
– Give it. – Give it back to him.
– Return it. Jeeva! – Why did you do so?
– I’m coming, mom. 2 ones are 2. 2 twos are 4. 2 threes are 6. 2 ones are 2. 2 twos are 4. 2 threes are 6. Thank you Jeeva. You gifted her? What about mine? I’ll give it tomorrow, Aditi. Moon is the closest
planet next to Earth. Note that. Uncle, I gifted Rajini box
to Ramya. – Okay. But, now Aditi wants a gift. Give me money. I can’t give money. Don’t provoke me. Listen.. Uncle, lend me money. Listen to me, sweetie. Tell her that you will
gift her the moon. And tell the moon will follow her. Jeeva! Where is my gift? I have prayed to the God. The moon is yours. What? The moon will follow
you everywhere. What are you blabbering? I swear.
Mark my words. Moon will follow you.
Promise! Are you ready?
We are going for shopping. The moon will follow
you everywhere. Thanks, Jeeva. Ring-a-ring o’roses. A pocket full of posies.
– A pocket full of posies. I have to teach a lesson to Jeeva. What are you going to do? Ramya or Aditi. I will make one among them
to fall in love with me. You aren’t smart
enough to do it. How can you say that?
I will prove you wrong. Let’s see. – Can I join you?
– Yes.. – Thank you.
– Ring-a-ring o’roses. – A pocket full of posies.
– A-tishoo! A-tishoo! We all fall down. Go to hell! We have to insult him. Yes. We have to scold him badly. Teach us foul words. Dog.. Pig.. Something worse than that Jeeva! Useless fellow.. Buffalo.. More stronger.. Teach us more vulgar words. – ‘David Pulla’.
– ‘David Pulla’? My neighbour always abuses like
that when he is on the phone. I did ask him.
He said… If a boy talks with many
girls, he is ‘David Pulla’. If a girl talks with many
boys, she is ‘David Pulla’. – Why do you keeping pulling my cheeks?
– Because you are so bubbly! Yes, he is a ‘David Pulla’… Jeeva! We are going scold him. Go ahead.. Joshua.. – What?
– You ‘David Pulla’. Yes, my dad is ‘David’. I am his son(pulla).
I am ‘David Pulla’. He agrees. Did he?
Let him go. I was leading a happy life. Aditi went to Bangalore for a week. Ramya and I were alone. That was the first time my
hormones started working… The day I attained my puberty. Is everyone present?
– Aditi isn’t absent. Is everyone present? Maintain silence till
the photoshoot is done. Is it clear?
Okay. – Sorry, Ramya.
Stand still. – Sorry. – Don’t fall on me, idiot.
– Stand still. That touch changed my perspective
of looking at Ramya. It was God’s play to
send Aditi to Bangalore. Ready… Smile… I wanted to check if Aditi
has the same feelings. – Hey.
– Uncle. What is real love? Amidst heavy traffic… … A fellow will scream your name. You won’t hear it. In the same scenario… A girl who is in love with you… … will call you at a normal tone You will hear it. That’s called true love. Hello.. Is it audible? – Let me get my work done.
– I am at the flour mill. I’m waiting since a long time. Yes, the one near your house. I’ll thrash you.
– Don’t talk to me. – Go to hell.
– How long should I wait? Don’t spoil my mood.
– Shut up. This is the right place. I will go sit there
and will talk to you. Checkout if you can hear. I love, Ramya.
– Is it audible? No. My love for Ramya is genuine. No. You idiot. I really love Ramya.
Can you hear it? Isn’t it audible?
– No. None can hear anyone’s
voice in this noisy place. But, if I’m able to hear Ramya’s voice… …like the heroine’s
voice from movies Ramya is in love with me. Ramya! Ramya! Ramya!! Can you hear it? There are people around! Enough? Jeeva! Did you call me? Yes.
Why did you come here? To meet you. Is it done? Yes. Then leave. What have you decided about Jeeva? Nothing yet. Boys are like computers. First come first served. They don’t differentiate between
good and bad girls. They will accept the
proposal of the first girl. Propose him before Aditi does. It’s farewell tomorrow. I’m repeating it. Aditi is not in the town. This is the correct time. I’m confused
whether it is real love! Answer my question correctly. Whose face do you remember
when you get excited? Jeeva. That’s it, you are loving him. This is the best time
for you to propose. Once they enter college,
they will not be the same. Whom do you like the most?
Aditi or Ramya? I like Aditi… But I like Ramya more than her. Then don’t waste the time. Everyone’s writing “ALL THE
BEST” on other’s t-shirts.. Write ‘ I love you’
on her t-shirt. Okay, dude. It’s easy to say ‘yes’. She is coming, write it. Jeeva, for me? Won’t you write on my t-shirt? – Do it. – I’m scared.
Write, Turn. Now I’ll. Bye, Jeeva. Buddy. I got scared and wrote ‘Good night..
sweet dreams’. You totally spoiled it. Did I ask you to propose orally? I just asked you to
write it. Useless. You failed to propose to Ramya.
Can you propose it to Aditi? Stop. Why didn’t you write it? What’s your problem? You ruined it. I did tell you that girls will
change after going to college. Listen.. What.. Everyone is staring at us. – Oh God!
– Jeeva? Why is everyone staring at us? Turn. That was indeed a strong proposal. It was heavenly! I felt the happiness of watching
volumes of adult video. You made Ramya to fall
in love with you. Don’t forget us. I won’t. Give a substitute for ‘friendship’ which
is also a synonym for inseparable. – A single word.
– A word? Definition for ‘friend’? I’m the first syllable
– Okay. You are the second syllable. Dude, it’s mind blowing. This is an unique definition. Where is the leg piece? Just now I parceled
it to Ramya’s house. It’s the routine reply. Jeeva, you are concentrating in physics. Try out mathematics as well. Too much of academics. Are you working out mathematics? I have just started it.
– Concentrate on it. Only then you can succeed. At least try to clear it
in the upcoming exam. It’s very tough, mom. Very very big problems. Leg piece! – Who rang the bell?
– It’s Dad. He bought chicken Chicken?
That’s a rarity. – Hello. – Jeeva, come to the A2
water pipe immediately. – It’s 1 AM.
– What? – I can’t come.
– What do you mean? My mom is sleeping next to me. As a girl when I can do it,
why can’t you? Wear the green shirt that I
gifted and come downstairs. What do you want? How was the leg piece? Did you come here to know that? – Tell me.
– It was good. Go! Someone might see us. I have proposed through writing. I wanted to propose orally. Just words won’t
make you understand. – Wait a moment.
– What’s it? What’s it? This is the leftovers
of my dad’s drink. You have it, only then you
will understand my feelings. I never had rum. Someday you will have
it because of a girl. Let it be now. Have it. Ramya. Drink Jeeva. They mix it with something? Nothing is available now!
Just drink. What happened? Side dish? Side dish? Jeeva, will you take
me to some place? Where are we going? I’m heedlessly going crazy. The obscured eyes is showing the signs of love. The glistening and blooming flower is wounded. Your touch has raised my temperature. I shrivel in your thoughts Your pursuit for me.. Let’s stay together forever. Let’s get intimate and
enjoy the gloomy solitude. Let me enjoy your painful
pleasures all night. Your hushed eyes make me go crazy. I’ll live with you through ebb and flow. Lets culminate our dreams
and make it greedy dream. Let’s get lost in
the gloomy night. Your love for me is making
spend sleepless nights. Love makes one to
banish the boundaries. Your eyes are the
reflectors of my love. Awaken me before
the Sun does it. You and me are synonymous with us. My happiness is
just embracing you. Let’s get closer in the solitude. I lost myself in absurdness. Don’t go crazy following me up. Don’t hurt your love. I’m heedlessly going crazy. The obscured eyes is showing the signs of love. The glistening and blooming flower is wounded. Your touch has soared up my temperature. I shrivel in your thoughts Your pursuit for me.. Let’s stay together forever. Let’s get intimate and
enjoy the gloomy solitude. Let me enjoy your painful
pleasures all night. Your hushed eyes make me go crazy. I’ll live with you
through ebb and flow. Renu is to be pitied. She is suffering a lot. What’s that cut on your neck? A cat pounced on me. Did you and cat make love? Not cat.
It’s Ramya. – Did you do it?
– No. What happened?
– Just petting. Promise me that you won’t disclose it. None will share such things. Promise me. Done. Yes, sir. Chennai is horrible. I got transferred. Pack your things. We are leaving in a week. Dad, I am in 12th grade.
Don’t you know it? How can I join a new school? I will not leave Chennai… away from Jeeva.. My friends are in Chennai. You can leave with mom. I won’t go anywhere. My daughter is in twelfth grade. Can you cancel the orders? I’m sure. Idiot, he promised not to
disclose to anyone! Ramya. I asked you to propose. – Did I ask you to make love?
– What do you mean? Did you visit Jeeva yesterday? The whole school knows it. You have been disgraced. What happened yesterday? You got me punished for a
silly mistake. Not just me, but the whole school
knows about your relationship. – Get lost.
– Why are you crying? He has spread
throughout the school. He may spread it through
social media too. Had I been in your shoes I would have dumped him. Wouldn’t you do the same? Where are you going? Jeeva was lying that it was just a petting. Uchcha! Yes, Ramya. Where is Jeeva? I don’t know. Tell me, bloody. – Great, buddy.
– Jeeva. This is boys’ urinal.
Get out. Get out! We will got to the girls’ lavatory.
– Non sense. Whole school knows it. You thought Iím cheap as I proposed to you? No, I didn’t mean so. Sorry, Ramya.
– Shut up. This is the reason why girls
take time to accept proposals. If you really loved me,
would you have shared it? Did you know how
Dinesh humiliated me? It was disgusting. Sorry. I really love you, Ramya. We didn’t fall in love. It was something else. Get away from me. We have crossed half the
path of a relationship. How can you leave me? We have been very intimate. You will remember me when you
move closely with someone. Just to forget you, I’ll
move closely with someone. Ramya, I have canceled the
transfer orders as per your wish. Our next 4 years
will be in Chennai. We are moving out of Chennai.
Act now. Got it? As you wished, I canceled it just now. Choose one.
Transfer or divorce. What happened to her? Rascal. – Hello.
– Hello. – Who is it?
– It’s Jeeva. You? Why are you calling
from a new number? I have no talk time in my mobile. Idiot. Ramya is moving out of the colony. Oh! what happened? Everyone knows about our relationship? How can do such things in school? You are the first student to do so. Idiot, I’m talking about my relationship. – What?
– She dumped me, uncle. Go to her and beg
her to forgive you. Will she forgive me? When we can get a liquor if
we plead the bar tender. she will accept your apology
if you plead. She is yours. Rotten bud. – Hello. – What?
– I did all the mistakes. I didn’t mean it. Uchcha promised to
keep it a secret. Hang the phone, scoundrel. – I’ll die without you.
– Go to hell, moron. Moron? How dare you call me names? Are you leaving the town, Ramya? Are you dumping me? Get lost. Return my sweet moments. Return my intimate moments. You act according to
the situation and as you wish. Why do you cheat innocent guys? Return my sweet moments. She returned it.
– My girl gave it yesterday. Ramya.. Angel.. What did you say?
– Angel. Are you dumping for
this silly thing? Is it silly?
Take your hands off me. We spent hours together.
Is it fake? That’s not love but lust. Attraction..
Infatuation.. You started it. You are my life’s happy moments. Don’t pretend.
Leave me. This is it? You are leaving
me for ever? – Yes. Perverted.. My love for you is
indeed permanent. You rejected me. Go away. Some one will hug you. He will move closely. Don’t lament about it later. – Bye, Jeeva.
– We are leaving. – Idiots..
– Convey it to your mom. The curse of virgin
boys will haunt you. – Hello.
– Hello. Jeeva.. Who is this?
– It’s me Aditi. I wanted to tell you in person,
but I’m saying it now. ‘I love you’, Jeeva.
I love you so much. – Jeeva.
– Ramya. Go to hell. I love you, Aditi. – I love you.
– I love you too. Ramya.. I got rid of that hitch. When we lose a beautiful girl we must believe that we will
meet even more beautiful girl. Aditi entered into my life. I started dreaming
about my married life. Yes madam, its Perfenol 250 mg. It’s a heavy dosage. Okay. Dude, give me 3 condoms. You still owe me a
credit for 17 condoms. My dad is questioning me. Will he question even
for such things? Next time when you don’t
have money, buy a balloon. – What? – Who is she?
– You don’t know her. – I will get acquainted.
– She is from other department. Tell me her name. You will feel bad if I reveal it. Go ahead. Ramya. Accounts department. It’s because of you she left me.
How can you? Why are you still lamenting
about the past? When her name strikes my
mind, I want to thrash you. I just shared your achievement
with one of my friend. I didn’t expect him to spread the rumour? When did I make love to her? Just because Ramya left you,
Aditi came closer to you. I have indeed helped you. She is calling me up, dude. I’ll see you later.
Hello, I got it, Ramya. Don’t rush, Sandhya. I have just reached the drug shop. I’ll definitely get it. Mr. is it available? – Which one?
– Which one? Are you newly recruited? Condoms.. Don’t you have vanilla flavor?
– Vanilla. Where is the chocolate flavor? Don’t you have butter scotch? Am I running a ice cream parlor? It’s not available, oldie.
– Oldie? Give me the money.
– Rs.120. Just 120? I heard that If I buy three Iíll
get the fourth one for free. Not fair. Sandhya, I’m done
with my shopping. – Hello, Aditi, are you alone at home?
– Tell me. – No one is at home.
– Are you sure? Except granny. Why don’t you mention it first? You didn’t specify it. Why is she screaming? She is searching for medicine
and screaming meanwhile. Hi, Jeeva.
Get in. Take your seat. I heard that some boys boozed and
troubled the neighbors. Elaborate it. – I’m unaware of it.
– Are you sure? Is Aditi in?
– Aditi? Jeeva has come, dear. What’s it, granny?
– Nothing. – This one.. – Forget it.
It’s time for the medication. You always put me
under medication. Listen to me.
– Granny.. …how long will you take rest
when you are under the medication? 1 or 2 minutes.That’s all. Why? This is an imported medicine. Very powerful. You shouldn’t open
your eyes for an hour. – It’s okay.
– What are you doing? – It’s burning.
– Granny.. …you must stay idle for an hour. You mustn’t open your eyes.
Else you may lose eyesight. What do you mean?
Idiot. Come let’s move to the kitchen. Where are you going? – Granny.
– I’m feeling bored. How will you manage her? She has her eyes closed. Something bit me. What did you do? It had been a long time
since I last met you. – I missed you a lot.
– Very nice. – Yes. Kiss me one more time. Your kisses are very
delicious, my sweet sorcerer. I’m enjoying this palpation. Your kisses are very
delicious, my sweet sorcerer. I’m enjoying this palpation. You are tempting me, baby. I have a crush on you, sweetie. You make go crazy with your lips. My mind has become a spoiled brat. Your kisses are very
delicious, my sweet sorcerer. I’m enjoying this palpation. I’ll turn my heart
into a aquarium tank. Swim in it as a small fish. My heart has broke the shackles
and has gone outrageous. Your anklets creates
a panic in me. My mind is after you. Your kisses are very
delicious, my sweet sorcerer. I’m enjoying this palpation. Your smile makes me
to behave weirdly. My mood swings to an excited state. The liquor didn’t get me high. The supplementary
too didn’t help. I have spent sleepless
nights thinking of you. I’m going bizarre. Your kisses… Lips.. Melting.. On cloud nine.. Your kisses are very
delicious, my sweet sorcerer. I’m enjoying this palpation. Tell me, Aditi. Jeeva. Why are you crying? Come to Deepa beach
house at the earliest. Deepa beach house?
– Yes. Upper crust morons. Is it the way to dress up? Why are you crying? I was photographed
in an indecent way. Who did?
– It’s them. It’s fake.
– Why did you take her snaps? – She was beautiful, so I took it.
– I took hers. I took everyone’s. Give me the phone. Why do you want it? Give me the phone.
– Get lost. There are 10 important
things for a man. If you learn the most important
one, you can reach heights. Give me the phone. Give me the phone. What’s the password? Samantha. Delete it. They have taken 4 snaps, Jeeva. Delete it. Take it and leave the place. Why do you go to such places? I was invited for
a birthday party. I felt very bad.
– That’s why I came here. Bye, Jeeva. Good night. Jeeva. Why didn’t you see the photos? Why should I see the photos? I will see it in live. My parents have gone out. Are you sure? But my granny is in. Say that she is in. She will suspect you,
if you come alone. I have an idea. We shall invite 5 boys and girls
from our the neighbourhood. We shall create an illusion
that it’s an group study. Be ready. Repeat it. Be ready. Hi, Jeeva. Jeeva. I love you. Be ready. Jeeva.. Leave me. Jeeva. What are you doing? I have to prepare for exam. To study or to booze? I have to prepare, dad. Prepare at home. We have to prepare in a group. Why are you crying? Please, let me go.. You never worried about academics. Please let me go once. I’ll be back very soon. – What happened?
– Thank you, dad. Idiot. How long can I wait?
– Dude… Have you got the liquor It’s your debut this is what I could get. What is this? My granny prepared it. Drumstick dessert.
It gives you stamina. You are very affectionate on me. You have got it prepared for me. She misses my grandpa. Who is next? Is this what you do, when
your parents are away? You too. Jeeva? Come inside. Thank you very much. Last 2 days were horrible. This is my day. I’ll have a blast. Granny is coming here. Atleast
act as if you are studying! Where is the rest room, madam? Rest room? – It’s over here.
– Okay. I will have some water. He bit me hard. Have you worked on
those problems? – Whose shirt is this?
– It’s nothing to worry. I’ll talk to you later. Hello, my son. Send it fast. Come to my room at
1 o’ clock, baby. I spoke to your dad. He is coming tomorrow. I’ll be relieved from tomorrow. – Dude.
– Yes. As it’s my first time,
I’m feeling tensed. – So..?
– I’ll practice it once. Practice? This is my debut. I have no experience. I’m scared. Nothing to get scared.
Come closer. I love you. What are you doing to my doll? Give it.. – Nothing.
– Won’t you spare even a doll? Insane. Why is she lying here like this? I have come well prepared. Aditi.. Get up.. Sweetie.. Aditi. Get up. Why don’t you wake up? You invited me. Get up, Aditi. I guess you are my companion
for the whole life. You did invite him? Why didn’t you wake up? He is drunk.
I smelled it. So? Boys behave well only when
they are in a normal state. Once drunk, they will
behave abnormally. Don’t you like that? I’m scared of it. So, I avoided it. She made me suffer by sleeping
through the whole night. I was hoping for a good debut. I’m totally done with it. If you can’t do it now.
You can do it later. – Is it?
– Yes. Why are you crying, sir? My girl friend’s dad
insulted me very badly. Teach me the most
offensive word. I have to insult him. [email protected]#$% Boss? Call him [email protected]#$% That’s the most offensive word. Pass the phone to your dad. You are a [email protected]#$% Superb.. Thanks.
You look like GV Prakash. Greeting, sir. Sorry for hitting you. Don’t say ‘hit’ but ‘caught’. It was your mistake. – Why did you take indecent snaps?
– What? Yes. That was the point. We are from a rural area. We have never seen girls booze. So, we took snaps. What does he mean? – Ignore him.
– Aditi doesn’t booze. – She did booze.
– He is irritating me. He will get thrashed. – Show him the snaps she forgot to delete.
– What is he talking about? Aditi can’t booze. Take a look at it. I don’t need to lie. Lifestyle has changed. Boys are preforming
well at academics. Girls have started boozing. Bye. See you later. Do you booze Aditi? – What do you mean,Jeeva?
– Don’t you get it? Do you booze? Yes. Since when? 4 months. Why didn’t you share it with me? Fearing that you won’t allow, When you know that I won’t
allow, why did you booze? You too booze. Can women do what men do? I will just lose my money if I get high. Don’t you know what will
you lose if you get high? A real boy friend will not
allow her girl to booze. Promise me. Swear on love that
you won’t booze. I swear, Jeeva. Henceforth I will not booze. Aditi. I’m coming. Aditi has chosen the wrong path. I guess she is cheating me. She is voiding me since I
asked her not to booze. Why are you blabbering? She is a good girl. Something is fishy. Happy birthday to Uncle! Happy birthday to Uncle! Thank you.. Why are you looking dejected? Aditi boozes. Just like me. She has kept it as a secret. This is very silly. I can’t accept a woman boozing. You broke up with Ramya
for the same reason. Don’t annoy her. She will dump you.
Okay. I guess it will rain. Shall we go the pub? Pub? I have never been there. Money? I’ll spend. We have to spend at least
on our birthday. Come on, boys.
Let’s enjoy. You enjoy the most when
it’s someone else’s money. – Happy birthday, uncle..
– Thank you.. My darling. Isn’t it a bit pungent?
Yes, it is. We could have boozed at
the regular place. Why is this idiot calling up now? Hello.
Yes. Karuppu Kumar?
I expected it. No problem. I’ll be there in 5 hours. By road. Manage.
Stop it. – Okay.
– What’s it, uncle? I can’t speak English. It’s an emergency. I have to immediately
leave for Kumbakonam. You take care of the party. – Settle the bill with the money
you have. – Uncle? Make sure that everyone is
safely reaching their house. Okay, guys. – Bye, guys.
– Uncle.. – Bye, uncle.
– I like you. Be careful. Jeeva. Get up, dude. Buy me a drink. Where had you been for
the last 10 minutes? I went to the other side. There is a boozing bet. – What do you mean?
– Yes. – I want to see it.
– Get up. Let’s go watch it. – Where?
– Get up. Look at there. Drink… – What happened?
– It’s my girl. It’s Aditi. Why did you break the promise? Let’s go talk in private. Tell me now. Tell me one reason to stop
boozing, I’ll stop it. My mom doesn’t booze. So do my sisters. So, you mustn’t. Confirm about your
mother’s nature with your dad. You bloody. Don’t cross your limits. When a man drinks A woman should advise
him and mend his ways. How will a family prosper
when both partners booze? I can accept if my girl is seen in beach,
temple or in a theater. How can I accept her spending
time in liquor shop and pub? When I say ‘don’t booze’.
I mean it. Who are you to control me? Good. I was sincerely in love with you for
3 years without expecting anything. You are ought to do it. What’s the use? – Have you ever took advantage
of it? – I didn’t get you. Have you been ever intimate? No. I did try the other day. You slept. I thought you don’t like it. You were drunk. I don’t mix up drink and love . Who said that I don’t like it? Ramya dumped just because of it. I was afraid that it
may repeat again. If you want to strengthen a
relationship, you need to be intimate. To put in simple words Love is lust and vice versa. Got it? I didn’t know this shade of yours. I heard actor Vikram performed
well in the movie ‘I’. You set a bench mark in acting. You oldie. Don’t you have a family? Won’t your husband worry about you? You are enjoying with someone else? – Idiot.
– You too. Dude, what’s problem
when a girl boozes? Move aside. It’s not a thing to boast of. Men won’t get physical
if they get high. but women aren’t like men. Bro, what are you trying to prove? Now they want to booze. Then would like to get cozy. Will you agree to everything? Don’t drag me into it. It’s my mistake to love
such a cheap minded fellow. Bloody… Boys.. Who is single? Note my number. 99-44-0… 44-44-0. Tonight, ping me in whats app. I’ll accept if I like your
approach, else I will block. Don’t ping her. Delete her number. It’s a three years bond. Ramya dumped me for
crossing the limits. She is dumping for not crossing it. Get lost. Party party all night long Party party sing my song Party party play along because
I am your girl tonight. Come on come on let me see you moving.. Come on come on let me see you grooving… Come on come on let me see
you going crazy my baby.. You cheated me like a con. I truly loved her to
become her life partner. She happily came
to see me gloomy. She wrecked my my happy
and healthy heart. She dressed up well. But she dumped as well. I got cheated by her. So I’m gonna get high. One more time now, one more
time now, one more time baby. One more time now, one more
time now, one more time baby. You deceived with your words. I’m no dog to obey your command. I will booze and get high. You will be thrashed to
death if you encounter me. Let me wanna take you home. I was behind without
knowing that… …you are a con. You dumped in half the way I curse you to get sick. Come on come on.
Let me see you moving. Come on come on.
Let me see you grooving. Come on come on.
Let me see you going crazy, my baby. Come on come on
let me hear you thump it. Come on come on
let me hear you jump it. Come on come on like a noise
about it. Yeh my baby. She dressed up well. But she dumped as well. I got cheated by her. So I’m gonna get high. You cheated me like a con. I truly loved her to
become her life partner. She happily came
to see me gloomy. She wrecked my my happy
and healthy heart. One more time.. One more time…
Come on.. One more time… One more time…
Come on.. Are guys facing such
problems from modern girls? Why are you leaving for Kumbakonam? I spent all my money in Chennai. My uncle owns a bar here. I’ll booze there 24/7. You will prosper in life. We have reached Kumbakonam.
Get down. – Jeeva!
– Why did you come here? I was coming to our home. You always have the
habit of coming here. Your dad is screwing me. I have booked the return ticket. The same train departs
in 30 minutes. – Please leave.
– Uncle. 2 girls have dumped me. If I see them again I’ll kill them. You are used to it
since childhood. You fall in love with a girl… … and someone will
get closer to her. If a girl dumps you
follow another. No. Henceforth..
No girls. No Chennai. I’ll booze in your bar
and will stay with you. In my bar? I have advised you a lot
since you were a kid. – You.. – Uncle, it’s Ramya. – They got transferred from Chennai.
– Why is she here? You mustn’t see her. No, jeeva.
No.. It won’t work out. I’m going to make to
fall in love with me. I’m gone. Here I come. Why did you come to Kumbakonam? Aditi and I broke up She says that she
only likes to drink I spent all my money
drinking in Chennai That’s why I came here
to drink in your bar Fool… She drinks… She would be willing to spend money
and you have no objection over it Then why did you come
here to take my life? This will not work… If you are going to talk like this,
nothing is going to work out for you But something good happened here What is it? God shows a girl to us only once Yes… But I had a chance to see
Ramya the second time Yeah I saw that disaster
happen in the station! Henceforth, she is my life. Dog barks… And man loves… Do any one of these… Okay… Why are we drinking here? Let’s go to your bar Bar… Has gone away from my hands What are you saying? – Just for one beer…
– I will say that… Sit down. Listen to me I will tell you everything In bar… On Sunday, a lot of
people came to relax Kumar… Made a corpse to sit Accusing that he passed away Only after drinking in our bar They canceled even the
license of our bar This is the story. This bar set up… I was drinking alone Now that you have come here,
I am even more stressed out Forget it. You will
get your bar back I wonder where is
he going to take me Hara Hara Mahadevaki… Lazy goose… Why are you standing and sleeping
in the middle of the road? Come. Milk might get over Why are you taking me along? There is a psycho
roaming around here He throws bricks at every one Do you see a mark on my face?
It’s because of him That’s why I am taking you
along as my bodyguard How can I be your bodyguard? That creature… Hits only localities He doesn’t hit outsiders. Come. He is coming…. He is that psycho…Run… Uncle… Didn’t I tell you…? He finds localities And hits… That’s sad…Is it paining? – I am taking this.
– Please take it Hold this… How much did it cost for
yesterday’s and today’s? Sixty-six rupees You add water And increase the price as well Why did you squeeze it? It’s a feeling
after seeing Ramya Such an irresponsible fellow… If you do this again,
I will make you repent for it What did I do? She made me do it We will have to go to
Ramya’s house to get milk Jeeva… Don’t you squeeze… Don’t you squeeze.. Ramya… Ramya… Don’t tell me you came to
Kumbakonam to see me, Jeeva Are you still angry on me for
what happened in our childhood? Look… I have so much
hatred towards guys – Move
– Why? I broke up yesterday I broke up with my girl yesterday
and you broke up with your guy too Shall we become friends? Shall I tell you something? We might have watched a
horror movie by mistake We might have decided
not to watch it again You are the most disgusting
horror movie in my life I will never see you again Goodbye Are you calling me
a horror movie? You are a porn movie…. I am falling head over
heels in love with you… When in love… Don’t behave like this… Do behave like this… If he had obeyed whatever she had
said, this wouldn’t have happened You get me excited with
your glamorous dress. I lose myself in your eyes.
Why don’t you embrace me? Why do you taunt me? Bruising my heart is unfair. Please fill the vacuum. I’m your abhorrence.
You are my ecstasy. You are ecstasy. You are ecstasy. You are ecstasy. You are ecstasy. You are ecstasy. You are ecstasy. You are ecstasy. She rides me with in
pillion, hugging me. And leans on me. She has extreme mood swing. Good chat ends up badly. I’m puzzled by her behavior. Either she sobs or cons. Beware of this ache. You will be cornered. She make you melt in her words. She has extreme mood swing. You are my ecstasy. You are my ecstasy. You are my ecstasy. You are my ecstasy. You are my ecstasy. You are my ecstasy. You are my ecstasy. Your love is a history. Your bondage is broken. You lost money for lust. Embarrassment is
all that you have. Why did you forget our moments? You broke up though
I was sincere. I’m still the same lover. I still have the same emotions. I’m cursing you as a virgin. You will get married to a rogue. My love is gone. You defeated a wild tiger. Get lost from my heart. I will find another girl. You are my ecstasy. You are my ecstasy. You are my ecstasy. You are my ecstasy. You are my ecstasy. You are my ecstasy. Seems like you are the
first customer for today Math was tough when
I was at school Now girls seem to be tough Come here… You might have worked
out calculation Yet, you might have
not understood When you go for tuition,
you will get it But girls aren’t like that They have some other
calculation in mind It will come naturally It will take time Enjoy… Eat this curry… You cook so well Why don’t you open a
fast food restaurant I will not open any
shop except wine shop I will slap you Whatever… Did you try any way
to get back your bar? Oh God… This guy is embarrassing me
asking too many questions Please give back my wine shop
or I will be put to shame Do you know any one
who sells pirated movie CD? You will find CD Ragunanthan in my phone’s
contact list. Call up to that number Do you have any pirated movie CD? I don’t sell pirated… I sell porn movies Okay… Do you know anyone here who
sell pirated movie CD? What’s the deal? I will tell you… Why is she here? Whatever she asks, tell her you
don’t have it. Let me hide in here Do you have any Gothic song CD? What about sad songs? What do you have? Midnight… Aunt’s age… A big heart… Cool breeze…
Close the window.. Bursting crackers… Do you need any of these? Stupid… I asked her what she wanted…. – Let’s go. We will have to buy pirated movie CD
– Let’s buy Guys can live however they want But girls have to live with fear Because, if guys get spoiled
it’s more like a wet cloth They will be all right very soon You may not know when
they get spoiled And when they are all right But if girls get spoiled It’s like a torn cloth Even if you stitch it It’s quite visible I am an outsider…Don’t hit me Have you arranged
a goon to hit me? This is our old shop But I have stopped entering now They get high and mock me Listen to me. I cannot
enter the place – I was once an owner of this shop
– Come inside Look at his face… Look…These guys
are yelling at me Don’t you hit… Now you know why I
don’t come here How embarrassing… Wait for two minutes… What are you going to
do in two minutes? Count 1…2…3 3…2…1 – Police has come. Let’s go
– Sit down Superb! Raid… – Hello, sir
– Who are you? I am Kumar from kumbakonam I am the owner of this bar So…? Why are you raiding this place? I am so pissed off. Don’t
you speak a word. Go Come…Did you get something? – Show it to me…
– What’s this? You have got license for the bar, right?
Why are you having pirated CD? I know nothing about this. I have
got nothing to do with this This bar is yours, right? Yes… Come…Walk to the station… Come… Please take this…My business
is running pretty good Here is the money for
our friendship… These are pirated CD… Don’t you know that I am
actor Vishal’s relative? – I know very well
– You know, right? Then why are you bribing me?
Walk to the station They have arrested Kumar… Who do you think will be
the owner of this bar? Visu…. Jeeva…How do you feel if you get
a bottle of drink for free now? I will feel happy How about ten? I will feel extremely happy How about thousand at a time? Jolly…. This my gift… I don’t need your chain… You are happy that you
have got back your bar I am frustrated that I am
unable to get along with Ramya Stupid….Fool..Nonsense…Idiot I have got an idea Ramya has got an aunty
who looks like dinosaur Aunty? If you have a good
relationship with her aunty… Ramya will be at your fingertips – Okay….
– Superb, Jeeva. All the best Hello, Simran Hello. Who are you? I will have to talk something
important about Ramya Ramya? What? Why are you giving a
wash to this cow? Only if you serve cows, Goddess Lakshmi’s
presence will be there forever Why are you giving
a wash to my cow? – What about my cow?
– Your cow is feeding on grasses What? – Yes. It’s there
– Didn’t I tell you earlier? That this is not ours Our cow’s udder looks big.
This has got a smaller one What’s udder? So..You are in
love with Ramya… I have heard a lot about
you through Ramya Things that happened in School Yes, Simran That’s great You are in love with the same
girl ever since childhood First..I loved Ramya… Then she left me I loved Aditi She left me, too Once again I met Ramya I was right… Guys are always restless From now, Ramya is
everything to me Hindi speaking girl and
Tamil speaking girl… They are of two
different flavours… Okay…How are they different? Hindi girls don’t take bath Tamil girls don’t respect It looks like she speaks Hindi You know Ramya very well, right? Then why are you
asking me for help? These girls are…. Like Android applications They get updated too often Quite tough to download them Okay… I will help you… But…a deal What is it? Take a look at the paper Paper? Look… Run… Did you get caught
in a wine shop? Yes… Okay…What’s the deal? If you want Ramya, I need beer What? Beer? Why are you asking for beer? How long will I act so good? What? Beer? If a girl is asking for
beer in Kumbakonam… She must be wicked That’s why her husband
might have left An alcohol addict Okay… You have got your
bar back, right? Why don’t you send the beer? I will send a load of beer Now you buy tickets
for Kathi movie Once I decide, I
will never change it Move…My uncle is coming Jeeva… Tell me, Simran You have gone to batter
packing machine shop, right? No…The one next
to her house… – Batter machine, right?
– That’s what I told you I am in the same place… Let’s see if some magic happens here too.
All the Best Please grind it soon.. Ramya… Ramya… Ramya… When we were in 10th grade In Chennai…Batter machine… – Velu…
– What is it? Please tell him, I will switch off
this machine if he doesn’t get out – Please go
– Why are you embarrassing me? Switch off the machine… Why are you messing up with her? Go… Why don’t you go? Ramya… Get out… Ramya is humiliating
me so much, Simran I don’t know what to do We might have heard so
many songs in our life But only when we listen
to a specific song… We get back the same feeling Is there any song like that? Bring the moon to my bed! You will never change, right? Here…Talk to her But she will cut the call
off if she hears my voice Why don’t you try? For girls…It’s only until
guys start talking… When they talk… You can impress any girl. Pick up the call… What happened? – What happened?
– She is not picking up the call Try calling her again What’s this, mom? Don’t you buy even
for a precaution? My stomach is aching… My head is spinning Don’t you know I have my period? You know to leave
me alone at home Simran…Please do me a favour You have knocked the door… You have almost
entered her heart Even if Arya comes He cannot stop it Why..Arya? Arya does cycling… If he begins at 3 in the morning He rides continuously
to Mahabalipuram You have done which
no guy would do Only when guys get personal Girls will start
having soft corner When she cried, I
couldn’t stop myself I noticed it I was wondering if it was acting But you were honest One per cent of my tears And the rest is
what I have for… I have sent her a message Let me see if she replies – Ramya…
– Ramya? Yes…Go… Ramya… Did I disturb you? What is it? You have come home
after a long time No… I need to talk to you… – To me?
– I am confused What happened? I told you about the guy I
loved at school, right? – Jeeva…
– Jeeva? Yeah….You have… He passed away in
an accident, right? No… Go… Go… He is in Kumbakonam now Kumbakonam? Why? I don’t know… He came to my office… Then he followed
me to the temple And batter machine… I slapped him I made him cry Yet he is following me… He is reminding about my past… He came home yesterday… I was suffering from
stomach ache yesterday… I wasn’t able to reach
my mom and neither you He did what my mom does… That’s when I decided
to throw my ego In life, everybody gives
different feelings… But when you get back the
old feeling, take it I don’t know if Jeeva
is good or bad… But both of you have
loved each other Don’t you be too friendly Maintain distance… You are already broken up…. Deal with him as
much as you can… Then break up… – Then I will agree to his proposal
– Go ahead… What are you going to do?
She agreed, right? I don’t know… Girls like adventure… Try something daring… Please believe me, Ramya. Please don’t hurt me. During school time, I was
in a different mindset! We need not be like how we used to be.
But give me a chance. Thank you…Please come… Whose marriage is this? Who know? Having feast at an uninvited marriage
is the only adventure I know! Jeeva, let’s go… Let’s eat and go… Wait… We are caught… You are going without this… Ramya..I have got a
surprise for you… I will leave…. Where are you going? Home… I told you I have
got a surprise… Yes. What is it? Close your eyes… Close your eyes… Open your eyes… Do you remember him? I have brought him
here from Chennai Please play it… Do you remember, Ramya? That day… Do you remember how we were? He knows it How we loved each other… That night… I cannot forget it… I wanted to remind you about
that night…That’s why I got him here… Dear ones…. Were you like that, that night? You were like this… Take care… He is a virgin… Bye… It was beautiful, right? The times we spent
during school days.. Yes, Ramya I feel like hugging you We are just friends… What? Friend? I am treating you
as my friend… I cannot treat you that way… Why? Madness… When I close my eyes,
you are different We weren’t like this… I have forgotten all that… I cannot forget it Nobody will be there
at home tonight… You come.. Do
whatever you want… And leave from Kumbakonam… What? You don’t need me. You
only need my body… You are hurting me… Truth hurts. Isn’t it? If you talk like this… I will go out of this place… Get lost… The way she speaks… Only if I leave,
everything will be fine What a bad timing…. I will join you for
the protest… Protest for? Don’t you know? Kumbakonam is in chaos Price of alcohol has
been increased… Everybody is protesting now… Wait for me… Let me wear black..and join you I am going to Sabarimala What? I have decided to get rid of
drinks, girls and everything… Love is like a sweet… You should taste it slowly Just like drinking alcohol, if
you have it in one round… You might get high
and get overdosed But…the decision you
have taken now… It’s good…. Go…He is waiting for you on top of
the mountain. He will take care.. Oh God…. Jeeva…Wait… – Please wait
– Doesn’t matter… Please listen to
me and then go… What? Where are you going? Sabarimala… Will you restrain from
everything for 30 days? Yes… Will you stay
without watching porn? Are you pulling my legs? I will show you something. You
might not leave after seeing it What is it? Do you remember this? You still have it? Do you like me? Then why are you ignoring me? Obviously… When I get closer, you
want to hug and kiss me.. If you talk about this all
the time, who would like it? Even you irritate me,
treating me as your friend Okay. I will not treat
you like that. Okay. I will not
talk about that. Look…We are not friends And not lovers… Love doesn’t come spontaneously It will take some time If you wish to wait,
then it’s fine Else you may leave This is enough… This is enough… You were about to leave for Sabarimala. You are here just
because she said so Do you think it is that simple? I decided to go thinking
she wasn’t there But she is back now why should I go Sabarimala? I am extremely happy You have made a deal with
God and decided not to go – Forget it
– Superb! Uncle…My hands are itchy… Do you think I am
going to get money? You will get leprosy… Go wash your hands with a soap Here…Take it Look what are they doing Run, Bhaskar….Run… Run… I told you to do business,
not prostitution Ramya seems to be slowly
entering in your life… I have been noticing… That I have been
giving bottles of beer And you are stocking
it in the fridge But not drinking it If girls drink in front of guys Guys will take advantage of it That’s for girls You are an aunty… You are going to
get hurt real bad Switch on the AC Is this the one? Why…? Are you staying alone
in this house? My uncle told me… That you are estranged
from your husband Vikram… He is a scientist I am going back to Kolkata What are you going to do there?
Durga Puja? So what…? You have been resting
in the lab for a year Why don’t you take up
a job as a professor? One thing you should
understand… You get curd in a day
by fermenting milk Beer isn’t like that It takes time I can’t wait any more… Whatever… You have waited long enough…Why
don’t you wait for some more time? Can’t you wait? Time is money, Vicki… I don’t have money… But I have more time… For you Do you think I can
pay all the bills? People are discovering
various things… But you are trying to discover
beer with a formula… Don’t you break it… You are useless and whatever
you do is going wasted… Mental… My formula has a value My life can change anytime… Look….That’s a good timing… Hello, sir… Hope everything is fine… What? Everything is gone…? No…Nobody can
steal my formula… I can file a case against…. Hello…Hello… You…said useless…
I have become that I love you… Therefore, I leave you… Vikram… So…I am waiting for
him to come back Do you think he will? True love is like dandruff… You may feel like it has gone… But it stays forever… Simran….It’s Ramya… Attend the call… Tell me Ramya… Jeeva… What happened?
Why are you crying? Problem at home…. Home is always like that… No… Dad got drunk… My mom beat my father Why are you all beating him? Drunkards are like babies Search for your dad’s
childhood picture… Childhood picture? Why? Search…. Did you find? Are you still searching? Yeah. I have found it Take that photo and go to him Place the photo next
to your dad’s face Have you? Do both the faces look the same? Yes. They look the same I told you, right? Drunkards
are like babies… Please understand this… Ramya… Tell me, Jeeva I am standing out What? I cannot come… The other day when you
called me, I came – Come
– Okay. I will come Did you watch Titanic
in CTV today? Did you come here
to ask me this? Tell me… I watched… A beautiful feeling, right? Both the girl and the boy stand on edge
of the stern and extend their hands It’s beautiful movie Do you wish to do that? Wind blows in the movie,
but there is no wind here Think of someone you like Definitely you
will feel the wind Turn…. Close your eyes… Oh God! Let the wind blow Extend your hands Open your eyes You came up as my ecstasy. We shall lead a blissful life. Banish the emotions. Embrace me and honor
me like a queen. – Whom did you think of?
– I will tell you later Come on my sweetie! Let’s become inseparable. You are my life partner. I’ll become your pet at your nod. You are my sweetie!! You came like deer to
fill up my vacant heart. God created you just
for me to envy. Come on my sweetie! Let’s become inseparable. You are my life partner. I’ll become your pet at your nod. My cutie pie!! – Uncle…
– What? Ramya hugs… Kisses… She allows me to do everything Then…What’s your problem? But she doesn’t propose… That’s where is the barrier… If you take it out She will be open… To propose Really? It will work out Is it taking you too
long to open the door? Wait… Get out… Why? Where were you all these days? Ignoring my calls… Sorry, Simran After a long time, Ramya and I
are now spending time together Time flies… But… If girls don’t like… They throw guys away But once they like… They embrace us Did you say anything
about me to Ramya? No. I am waiting
for the right time But when I get time I will Don’t….Say Why? Already I lost my dignity
going to the wine shop Ramya isn’t talking
to me properly If she gets to know that
I am roaming with you… Disgusting…. Promise me… Promise me you will not
talk about me to Ramya… Promise isn’t like this… Promise me… Okay… Promise…I will not tell her Forget it…. I have got two tickets
for Ajith’s movie Shall we go? Mental….. If I come with you,
everybody will know I have an idea…. It’s pretty an old style… But effective… – Superb
– It was awesome, right? – What?
– Who? How do I know? He has done just as I told him.
Finally the plan has got successful How is it? He is back… I have collected
beer bottles for you So that you could start
your experiment once again You are being foolish like me… It’s possible to copy from one movie to the
other..But it’s not possible with beer… I did not go to Kolkata I knew… I knew you wouldn’t go any where I knew you would come back Next week… The ones who stole my formula… I am going to have
out-of-court-settlement with them I thought of meeting
you after that Before that… Jeeva…. Please listen to me. Come Why should I listen to you? Listen to me…Come… Okay…I will come Sir….One second… I am at uncle’s house… Ramya is calling me… – I will go. Bye…
– You should have done this earlier Ramya…You said you
wanted to meet me urgently Where did you go this evening? Movie… With whom? Friend… Who is it? CD Ragu… CD Ragu? – Yes
– Is this CD Ragu? Oh oh! She has caught
me going with Simran! Who is this? Tell me who is this? I will not do anything… Tell me, Jeeva Promise me that you will not
talk about me to Ramya… Promise…I will not say I was about to propose to you… God has saved me from you The second time… Nothing will work out between us I don’t need you… Ramya… Ramya… Ramya… – Ramya…Come
– Leave me Such a fraud you are… Hello… Jeeva… Who is it? Aditi here… I shouldn’t have broken
up with you, Jeeva… It’s my fault… I did not understand you… Jeeva….I love you Do you think all
guys love for lust? Some people have true love I am in love with Ramya Cut the call… What about the promises you made? Did you burn away your
promises in flame? My love is passed
like a hang over. Did you love me
to get me dumped? You betrayed my trust. You slayed my sincere love. Why did you stay close to me? I hated my love because of you. Did you go away to get
rid off the heavy love? You disappeared all of a sudden. I am crestfallen without you. Life without you is a hell. Run….. Even though I change my dress,
he finds out and throws at me Psycho… I wonder who gave birth to you Come…Good time What? Having fun, is it? It’s been so long, right?
That’s why What happened to Ramya? I saw her last at
the bus stop… It’s been four days
since I spoke to her I am missing her, Simran Imagine that you are
talking to Ramya… Whatever you have been wanting
to talk to her, tell me How? Did this in Vaali movie I am trying it for you… Pick up… Hello..Tell me… What? Ramya… Okay…Tell me Ramya….I love you so much It was your aunt Simran… What? My aunt? Yes… Then…why didn’t you
tell me when I asked you She promised me not to tell you Fool… Is the promise that important? Isn’t like that… Simran helped me a lot… I like her as much as I like you Sorry, Jeeva You both don’t have to be
separated because of me I miss her a lot, Simran Ramya… Were you feeling bad for this? Life is a circle The one who loves, will break up and
the one who breaks up, will love. Coming… Was it you who re-united them? Yes… Did you buy beer for my aunt? Yes… Thanks, Jeeva… To bring my uncle here… Ramya… We end up fighting
all the time… We have so much of ego… You know nothing about my past So do I know nothing about you Let’s talk for five minutes… – Okay?
– Okay… I will ask you five questions…
Let’s get it cleared… Do you smoke? Good girl… Do you drink? God…. Thank you… I drink a lot but if you
tell me to stop, I will Third question… Have you loved anyone before? You? After you, it was Aditi… That’s all… You….? After you, I loved
someone else… You know it already.Stop
over reacting! Okay…Got compensated… Have you kissed him? You? Just once on the lips. You? Whenever I meet him… My heart is paining…
I can’t take it… Last question… You and him… Did you make love with him? Don’t cry… Sorry…Sorry… You guys don’t spare that… You are leaving me, right? Go… You will get a guy… Curses from guys will become true Why are you crying? I will kill you… I told you because
you asked me… So…Will you say all these?
You shouldn’t… Why are you making a big
deal out of a small thing? Is this a small thing? I will call Harish.
Let him come… Call him… Let him come. I will
murder you both Hello, Harish. Come
to my aunt’s place Jeeva and I are having
problems because of you… You have to reunite us. Hi…Dear…. You said it was something
important… You look so beautiful What’s happening here? Who is he? – He is saying it’s all because of you
– What problem? The other day…at your home… Is that all? One minute… Boss… What? I did it just once… What? What are you saying? Just once… Just once… Jeeva…He is saying we did it just
once…Then what’s the big deal? I will kill you… Haven’t you done at all? No… You have missed it… Why? Lot of people might
have sacrificed… I cannot be like that… Once…? Once…? How many times will he
say the same thing? I confessed…But why
are you leaving? Curse from a virgin
guy will come true… Why is he getting angry? Okay…You sit down… We broke up
unnecessarily, right? Yes… – What happened?
– We are just talking… Jeeva… Jeeva… What do you want? Do you think you can
do whatever you want? I don’t need girls… One girl drinks with a guy Another girl sleeps
with a guy… I am a virgin guy I need a virgin girl… If you say that again,
I will slap you Jeeva… Those times were all gone… I am sure I will get someone I will find out… Wait…God will
give you a hand… You hold it tight… The train is leaving….Move That was a waste of time… Open the door…. Even the train is leaving me… God will give you a hand… If you hold it tight… You should have watched
your steps… I have…. And now I am here… Open the door… If not Trisha, then Nayanthara If not Nayanthara..? Priya Anand… Where are you going? Tiruchi…You? Then I am coming to Tiruchi…

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