TUM: Junge Akademie – The scholarship program for bright minds

TUM: Junge Akademie is our format to support
young talented students who are willing to look across the border of disciple and therefore
serve our society later as moderators for the communication of technologically driven
change processes. TUM: Junge Akademie is a means of supporting
high potential students at our university. It creates an identity among these students. It fosters the development of networks among
them. And the most important part is that it is
interdisciplinary. It is an interesting thing also for the mentors. They get access to the talents, to the very
good students and in addition to the good ones who are interested in thinking out of
the box and developing themselves further and get out of their narrow field and see
further. These people will never want to go back to
a regular job in an office. Because they have much bigger point of view
and bigger perspective in life. These students have the chance to work on
a joint project which they define themselves for one year. So we get the best students 1 percent of TUM
students together working in small teams interdisciplinary on challenges of the future. So they learn to readjust the attitude towards
other fields and the needs of the society as whole. What I think is the most important thing about
Junge Akademie is that it’s a space for actually experimenting with and among different
disciplines. The essential trick is to make these differences
productive. Where we can talk to each other, listen to
each other and also make mistakes among each other. And come up with interesting designs for novel
projects that wouldn’t have come up from one discipline at all. For me at any time it’s a pleasure to have
a discussion with the young people in the Junge Akademie. Because they have innovative and impressive
ideas and they have passion for their ideas. They have open room for a new way of thinking. Therefore it’s a win-win situation. The people really have another point of view
afterwards and very different perspective. So if you graduated for example in engineering
you are not just an engineer afterward but you are someone who can make a difference
and really make a change in the world. We are really proud that we have reached this
goal already with a large number of our students and we are grateful that we have this format
here at TUM. In order to provide this to our future generations. Our challenge here at TUM to work at the service
of the society to bring the achievements of technology and natural sciences into society.

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