Tutorial Level 1: iTunes U

[Upbeat music]>>SPEAKER 1: Hey, everyone, this is iTunes
U on iPad in two minutes or less. So real quick, I want to take you through
iTunes U. As I get into my course, at the very bottom
of the screen you’re going to see a couple little navigation
tabs or icons, the first one being ‘Info.’ If you select
this, you can get some general info on the course,
the instructor, as well as the outline of the course. Within that outline, you can actually tap
whatever part of the course you want to go to directly, and that’s going to take us to the next
area, which is ‘Posts.’ So we can view all the posts as one long thread
here and go through the course, or we can separate it by units, and it makes
it a little bit more manageable to get through the course in the smaller threads. Within here, we can also select ‘Discussion,’ if we want to weigh in on any class discussions
that are going on. And we can also select ‘Assignments,’
and this will let us access or download any of the assignments of the course at any
given time. The last icon here is the ‘Materials’
icon, which lets us view all the materials within
the course by whether it’s a video, a book, a document,
app, or weblink, so it makes it very easy to sort and organize. And the one thing I do want to definitely
show you at some point here is the ‘Notes’ ability. So if I go back
to my posts here, you can take notes within this course, whether it’s in a video, or a book, or an
app, or whatever it may be. So let’s say during this video I have a question that I want to take to my
teacher, I can hit this ‘Notes’ button here at
the top right, say ‘I don’t understand,’ and now that note is marked within there. And by selecting the ‘Notes’ tab here
at the bottom, I can pull that note, and you can see it’s actually marked right
there within the video. So, really cool feature that’s within iTunes
U, and hopefully this will help you get started. So, this was iTunes U on iPad in two minutes
or less.

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