UK Living Learning Program – Don’t Just Live Here, Thrive Here

AM: To me, an LLP is literally a living and
learning program. It’s a space where you’re able to live in the dorms and the
dorms are you know super nice – that’s definitely a perk – but it’s also more
than that, because it’s a community. TL: It’s a program that helps students for all, I think all kinds of majors or even transfer students, get acclimated better
to UK. AM: I’m from a really small hometown, it has about 400 people, doesn’t even
have a stoplight. I was a freshman, kind of nervous about college, and there were
so many students and faculty and LLP Peer Mentors there to help
me unload my stuff. AB: Just about everyone moving in that day was also engineering.
Just lots of people that I see every day in my classes, that I go to activities
with, that I hang out with, grab dinner with, I met a lot of them on move-in day. GL: Through the LLP, just going to events and having classes with the people that I’m living
with, I got really close to people. I’m still close with the people that I met
freshman year and we’ve done collaborations, we go on auditions
together so we can all freak out together. So that’s really how I got
connected when I first came here. TL: It made me feel a lot more comfortable
moving so far away from my home. AM: I didn’t know anyone coming to UK and I really
wanted to go somewhere where people knew my name and I wasn’t just a number and
through the LLP and my professors, I really found that at UK. TL: I think it helps,
socially, like easy to make friends and also, it helps you get acclimated more into
the university. GL: Having this built-in community really made it easy to have a
different group of friends, like I didn’t feel like I was hanging out with the
same type of people all the time. I didn’t just hang out with dancers or
just hang out with people in my major. I was able to connect with people who did
anything. AB: My favorite part of being in the LLP is the people. I like
the community that it gives me. The people who have similar interests in movies
and books and games similar hobbies. DK: Students who live in the LLP compared to
students who just live on campus tend to, tend to do better percentage-wise. AM: We have events that we’ll put on. GL: I really enjoy just seeing people
being connected with each other. TL: In our LLP we try to make our events fun, interactive,
but also professional. GL: It’s helped me create a lot of connections, not only with
students but with professors, as well. I think being in an LLP has helped me
academically by being able to connect with so many people who are able to help
me in a lot of different things. DK: We offer tutoring and also we’re connected with
The Study and Academic Enhancement on campus, so we’re we’re continuously
plugging students into those different elements, which helps a lot in the
academic sense and also being there for the emotional support side, as well, with
having assigned peer mentor, having that interconnectedness, we’re able to talk
with each other and support students in whatever way presents itself. GL: We do a lot
of things that are just like outlets for people to just, you know, get through and
really be able to focus on their schoolwork. DK: We find this to be something
really special. It really connects our students not only to the University but
to the college and they develop a lifetime relationship with other
students. AB: Future Wildcats should join an LLP here at the University Kentucky because
it will give you instant best friends and people that you will not only make
connections with in all your classes but for the future, as well. AM: I think it’s priceless. It really gives you people who you know you’re going to
get along with, who you know have the same aspirations and dreams, you know,
because it’s by major, by interest and you can really connect with them and
form friendships that will last. It will be one of the best decisions you ever made.

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