Using iTunes to Copy a Data Log File from the LAMP Words for Life App to a Computer

Before you can copy logged data from your
iPad to a computer, you need to check that the Data Logging feature is turned ON. You can find Data Logging by choosing the
button marked Menu. Click on Settings Scroll down to the section marked Data Logging. If the button marked “Enable Logging” is GREEN,
then logging is ON. If not, you need to slide it to the green
ON position. Click on Done and your app is now set to log
data. Connect the iPad to your computer using your
iPad’s USB cable. Then open up the iTunes program. Usually when you connect an iPad the computer
runs your iTunes software automatically. But if it doesn’t, just start it manually. When your iPad and iTunes are linked, you’ll
see an icon up in the top left. Click on that icon to show the contents of
your iPad. Then click on the Apps button to see your
applications. Now scroll down until you see the section
headed File Sharing. Click on the Words For Life app. You will then see that a file called “logFile”
appears in the box on the right. Click on the “logFile” so that it is highlighted. Then the button marked “Save to…” Using the “Save to…” window that opens,
find your way to wherever you want to save the files on your computer. When you get to the folder where you want
to save the file, touch the “Select Folder” button. Your iTunes software will switch back to the
previous screen and your file is now saved. You can now go to your newly saved file and
open it to check that log data is available.

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