What is a Web Browser Cookie

Hello there! My name is the Southern Gentleman and this is IT and Iced Tea. Now today we are going to answer the question What is a web browser cookie? A web browser cookie is a small file that is on your computer placed by websites that contact a unique ID tag. The web browser cookie stores the information such as where you went on the website or any information you may have searched or typed in. If you go back to that site later on it will remember you by matching the cookie on your computer with the information on the database. You may ask “Hey Southern Gentleman I don’t want no sweet delicious cookie tracking what I do on the internet!? Don’t worry if you want to delete cookies just delete your internet history. And that is all there is to it. Look out for more IT and Iced Tea videos and if you have a topic you would like us to cover please feel free to let us know. And please click on the subscribe button to subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Thank you all for watching. You all have a good one!

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