What is the Right Frame of Mind for Meditation?

but sometimes we may feel that we are
that our life is very packed yeah so we cannot meditate maybe some days our day
we is too packed where it’s filled with maybe family duties work duties sometimes it is not so packed or so yeah
and maybe we are just not in the right frame of mind but what is the right
frame of my to meditate what is the right frame of mind meditate in a way it
is when you are content with nothing much with having nothing much
not that you’ve not content thatnot you are content now you are discontented
ah it is that when you are content with not
having much things happening when you are when you see the value of observing
the breath yeah deep down inside maybe it is not that we don’t value ah butit is just that
there are other activities that appear more valuable to us
when does it appear more valuable to us when we are infatuated with it
infatuated infatuated I chose the word infatuated because infatuation
doesn’t mean that there’s no value it just means there is a superficial value
if you think if you think about it all the things that people do in in their
life have some value at least to that person you know even when some
people go and do graffiti the spray paint
to most people especially the owner of the car the house it is of no
value in fact is detrimental yeah but to the person spraying there is some value
at least at the moment until he or she is caught yeah so I I
call it infatuation because it is a superficial perception of value and the
thing is even that is enough to overcome our wisdom yeah in seeing the value of
meditation yeah I say this because I’m expert in this area yeah expert in what
sense expert in seeing the wrong value seeing the wrong value sometimes I catch
myself and I wonder if I have half an hour I’m willing to quickly open up my
computer and you know squeeze in a new feature you know why am I not willing to
spend a half an hour to squeeze in 30 minutes of mindfulness why do I have to
wait until I am ready to do one hour then I do yeah so I tell you because I
catch this but sometimes I don’t catch yourself there’s this group chat
meditation group chat those who are inside you may notice maybe two days ago
one of the students she mentioned about how sometimes you wake
up in the morning and then had intended to meditate but as you end up thinking
maybe issue of meditate at 6:30 or something but in the end she will snooze and then
end up not meditating yeah a few things about that yeah I thought that
was very honest in a public group chat not not personal message to Shifu so
she asked like what can she do yeah so I shared with her a lot has to do
with developing that habit a new habit that the moment you wake up to just do
something simple to start a regine that is simple enough for you to do so I share
what works for me which is the moment I wake up to just go and freshen
up and for me I would do a light offering I do a prostration and usually
by then you are quite awake already yeah you are usually quite awake by the time
you finished all that then not to go back to the bedroom but do your
sitting immediately t no matter how long or how short
just do it and then I further added that to do it yourself can sometimes be very
challenging no motivation meditation is like going to the gym you know or going
to yoga if you go if a friend then you know every week either you text your
friend or your friend would text you you have a you have a buddy to motivate you
you know don’t start out one okay I will do 炉像赞 then I will chant 金刚经 wah
水忏 wah whatever two hour puja actually not difficult to
do do it once not difficult you know followed by two hours sitting we do it
once not difficult do it every day that’s the challenge
so I share with her on the chat as I told her you can also consider that when
you are doing our sitting from 5:30 until7 there are people doing
sitting awesome let’s all commit to doing some practices maybe some can do
more some can do less some may do earlier some may do later yeah yeah so I
told her and as she said okay she would try so the next day so usually because I
give myself this excuse don’t follow me okay my wake-up time is sometimes
quite erratic some days are ealier 3+4 sometimes are 4 + 5
sometimes I will go 6 + 6 + so that day at 6:30 I was still thinking
and one thought came up maybe i”ll snooze ah I’m a bit tired you know these few weeks
a lot of classes a lot of talks and I remember this student
who-who-who need some support from others to meditate together so I thought
hey I call her okay how can i leave home alone yeah so I quickly wash up did the standard routine
and then did sitting

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