Why do companies choose Macroscop? Check it out!

often when designing the video
surveillance system it is necessary
to keep within a limited budget it is necessary not only to choose the right equipment for the budget but also to ensure maximum reliability of the system in this case you need Macroscop Macroscop it is an intelligent software for IP cameras let’s start with the fact that
the Macroscop software is easy to learn and install you can verify this personally by
downloading the free demo version Macroscop software is compatible with any IP-camera you can choose almost any make and model but the most important thing the software will allow you to install FOUR TIMES MORE IP cameras on each server or to install FOUR TIMES LESS servers
for the required amount of IP cameras compared to other competing software it is easy to verify it calculate the required hardware parameters for your project in online calculator or send your request to us we will provide you all the calculations Macroscop FOUR TIMES MORE cameras to your server check it out

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