Why you can not delete apps from your iPhone or iPod

Generally you should be able to delete
applications from iPhone by pressing the application icon and holding it for some
time you will see the apps shaking and there
should be a cross icon which should appear on the upper left corner. But if
you see in this case you cannot see the cross icon that means you won’t be able
to delete the application. If it is so then what you do go to settings screen
time. Go to content and privacy restrictions. Go to iTunes and App Store
purchases. You need to enter the passcode which you have set for screen time. Then
go to deleting apps and make sure that you have selected allow. So once you do
this one and if I press and hold the icon for some time then you can see the
apps are moving and you can also see there is a cross icon on the top. That
means I can delete the app. Thank you for watching this video. Please like and
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