Will RCS Messaging Become the Big Disrupter of Mobile Apps?

Derek: You were an interesting person when
you told me that RCS would replace mobile apps. I never thought about it that way, because
I just thought it’s like SMS, better, but if you can do everything that you can do in
a mobile app in RCS… John: Why? Why would you? Derek: …what is…now, there would be some
reasons at the demo labs, like, sure, Instagram, maybe, or something, you know? John: Fright, you know? Derek: Like, flipping through photos. John: Fear of admitting failure. Derek: Yeah, true, true. John: And there’s plenty of reasons to keep
your app going. Derek: Do you think that will be, though,
like the…like, will that disrupt apps eventually, like messaging? John: So, I’m a lot older than you, and I
can remember the days when it was super cool to know how to buy a keyword on AOL. And there was also tools for Prodigy, and
CompuServe, and the Delphi Network, right? There were all these silos. The web came along and just made it ubiquitous. What I see is the OTT providers today are
potentially going to be disruptive. If everything you need is there in the app
that’s in the left hand top corner of your screen, or the bottom left, right? You put it in a good spot. If everything you need is right there, what
else would you do? And if you’re serving customers, and some
of the stats shared today are just absolutely spectacular on these early sort of releases,
if you’re doing so much better, why would you continue to invest? I think there’s use cases… Derek: As a brand, yeah. John: I think things like The Weather Company,
and Facebook, and Spotify, whatever, there’s always gonna be certain things where an app
is great. But for everything else… Derek: Like ride hailing, just the stuff that’s
transactional, check your bank account. John: Yeah, why do you need it? So we’ll see, but that’s what I believe.

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  1. Click on this link to watch the full interview with John Duffy from IMImobile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OR_sDJyw4-4&list=PL9VHsE18iQ6YB0UMfkR9gU-6ftvPC5gm0&

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