“With Hope” (Now on iTunes), Original Piano Song by Joel Sandberg

Joel Sandberg – With Hope

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  1. Honestly, i've never connected with pianists and their work as well as i have with you and your beautiful music. Keep it up <3

  2. Going through times were i felt like hope was leaving me but i hear this. 
    It's like playing the strings of my heart & I'm not going to give up. 
    Thank you for always saving the day Joel.
    Keep up your outstanding work! 

  3. I don't mean to spam but can anyone plz subscribe to me. I'm 12 and come from Scotland. I've been playing piano for about a year and I can play grade 4 pieces . Plz help me get some subscribers

  4. When I wanted to give up on something but I hear this… it makes me feels like I have hope in front……. so beautiful.. tq

  5. idk how to say this in English..but it sounds like ternura…idk it gives me the feeling of hugging a teddy bear, a cute fluffy bunny or like that one scene from despicable me when the girl hugs the unicorn!!! yeah…that feeling…in short I loved the song it's cute and it makes me smile :3 

  6. the ending of the song though…it does make me feel like fighting for something like the title..having hope and keep going…

  7. Hey Joel! being my inspiration i thought youd like to know. i made a song myself, and have posted it onto my channel, i know everyone hates these sort of messages, but would you mind checking it out? 🙂

  8. Wooow , you are amazing , you are music a feeling relaxation , so thank you for wonderful all music

  9. I was looking at Killigrew's channel and I noticed a link to your's and I have to say I love your music, never heard original piano songs before : D, you are great!!!!

  10. Joel, I pressed play and it felt like I was in a new world. I subscribed to you in the first 15 secs of this song. This song filled me with hope. Hope that one day the world will be smiling and will be as happy as this song made me feel.

    Keep up the wonderful work. 

  11. Your stuff truely brilliant 🙂 inspiring indeed, specially your own works! How was you able to composed this? Did you just thought of something and played it, then remembered and improve from there?

    Definitely like an angel playing :)!

  12. Hi Joel, first of all want to say you play in a very beautiful way, stream music on your emotions to the point get the creeps.
    One question, can I get your album here in Mexico or should be directly with you? (with cost of export and that).
    I wish you a beautiful weekend, I take good care

  13. Seriously this one makes me cry but that's happy tears. It would be a perfect ending song for a movie. Will you be releasing new original music soon?

  14. Immediately I ask forgiveness for the grammatical errors, I Russian woman.
    I'm amazed I'm fascinated by your music … When I feel bad for the soul, I will include your songs and all the problems disappear in an instant .. For the sake of your works, I'm here with you, with tears when I sat in front of computer dreaming of death, I saw at the edge of your performance. I was surprised, tears are gone .. I just sat and listened to close your eyes. I will say thank you for what you gave me…

  15. Amazing stuff Joel.
    Lately I've suffered from overstress, which easily leads into light depression, which in turns makes you feel as if everything is meaningless. I am, just as you, a musician. I'm an aspiring game/film composer and normally, I am always motivated and happy to write & compose music. But lately, due to my stressful situation (caused by my work..) I've not been able to motivate myself. It's been feeling pointless, which to me is a horrible feeling as I know that it is not who I really am. Music is everything but pointless to me.. This song cheered me up and gave me motivation, which I want to thank you for Joel. 🙂
    Greetings from Göteborg. Best of luck!

  16. Absolutely brilliant. I'd like to hire you for a dinner with my girlfriend one day. No Joke. this song here. I was led here by your Tale A's old as time cover that was flawless so I wanna know what you think of the idea.

  17. I heard the song before I saw the title and new hope came up insight me. You express your thoughts about the music very well!

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