Workhorse W-15 Plug-In Electric Truck Review

we’re here in Long Beach California
as guests of the workhorse group why
because they’re showing us the first
drivable fully electric pickup truck
it’s actually got a motor in the front
just for extended range purposes but it
does have a range could happen somewhere
right around 400 miles let’s take a
closer look
exterior design we’ve already seen is
very almost traditional pickup truck big
bed in the back and then also the cab in
the front hood that inside this is where
this w15 has the opportunity to separate
itself from the pack very cool and clean
front – just a big screen here in the
front and also a controller screen here
in the middle that’s going to allow you
to adjust radio coolidge temperatures or
even monitor the engine a couple of
features that we really like four-wheel
independent suspension with the battery
pack right down the center of the frame
wind that means it’s going to have great
maneuverability and great ride and
handling also eight love wheels here on
this w15 but there’s also going to be a
W 25 and a W 35 but one feature that we
really like plug-in power either at the
campsite or if the power goes out at
your house here at the back of the truck
Phil gave drops 2200 pounds of payload
this vehicle supposed to wake right
around 5,000 now gbbw 7200 also flowing
capacity right now is that a max 5,000
now price point for this vehicle and
it’s not on sale yet but price point for
this is targeted at fifty two thousand
five hundred dollars now whether or not
this vehicle is going to make it into
the segment it’s about the size of a
half Sun and that’s right at the heart
of the market but if this vehicle can do
all the things that it’s promising and
from this test drive that we just had
which we were very impressed by it’ll be
very interesting to see what happens
with this in the market if it doesn’t
take off from a customer point of view
is that the very least we’re going to
strike fear George
Chevy and RAM you want to know more
about this pickup truck or any other
trucks in the twist go to pickup trucks

48 Replies to “Workhorse W-15 Plug-In Electric Truck Review”

  1. Tesla should've invested in a pickup. They would've been right up there with Ford in a matter of years.

  2. $52,000 for a 400 mile extended range electric 1/2 ton that hauls 2500 lbs and tows 5000 lbs, with  0-60 in 5.5 seconds. That's fantastic!

  3. Honestly, I usually don't like electric vehicles outside of Tesla. This is a very smart entry into the market and it's surprising someone didn't do it earlier. The only off-putting parts to me are the interior and the tire choice. Tires look a bit small, so no off-roading. The Interior looks like it is out of the '80s with a couple monitors.

  4. Looks like this is mostly made for factories and other industrial companies. If you just need to move stuff within the facility this could really cut down on fuel and maintenence costs.

  5. it looks like shitty poorly made body that looks like a ugly Honda pickup truck put on a chassis of a silverado short bed

  6. a loy of narrowminded people here. this is the first step in manufacturing a new line of pickup trucks. dodge, ford and chevy need to be paying attention

  7. love the concept im sold, but a 5 year old could have made a better design, ugly would be an oversimplification to describe that hideus monster learn something from tesla, bring the drag coefficient to like at least .27, also round style, square is hurting to look at

  8. that interior looks fucking gay. why would you build an electric truck with such a faggy looking interior? it needs more traditional interior design with the working man in mind.

  9. so i can buy a truck….for 52,000 that can tow and be useful? and without towing go like 170 ish miles?

    f150 is like 35k base isnt it?
    so 17k to waste time charging a battery every 80 miles nice…jesus

    I dont see the point in having any more battery than what you need to daily drive it without towing…having battery capacity for towing 80 miles is kinda odd.

    still very much reliant on its ice engine and stuck with like 15k of batteries that will hardly ever get used

  10. Make it a normal crew cab and they may have something. Seen another video that shows the rear seats. You would have to be 4' tall and calves as thin as paper to sit in the rear seats.

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