Xbox Live Creators Program Overview

The Xbox Live Creators Program allows any
developer to quickly publish Xbox Live
enabled UWP games to Xbox One and Windows 10.
What makes the Xbox Live Creators Program
stand out is that it’s an open ecosystem.
This means no additional certification or policies
are needed.
You only need to follow the Microsoft Store policies.
It’s easy to setup Xbox Live to work in your games.
You can develop on retail Xbox One hardware,
so no dev kit needed,
And you decide when your game should be published
A subset of xbox live features are also supported for
Creators Program games, including xbox live sign-in,
Gamertag Presence, cloud storage, and stats and leaderboards.
Several popular game engines such as Unity,
Game Maker Studio, and Construct 2 and 3 now
support developing games for the Xbox Live Creators Program.
This gives you a choice of how you want to
make games for Xbox One and Windows 10.
Once your game is published, it will be available to
everyone in the Creators Collection section of the
Store on Xbox One, and under the Games category on Windows 10.
For more information about what’s possible and developing
games for the Xbox Live Creators program, head here.

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  1. UWP/XPA for the pwn!! Cannot wait to game on my xbox @ home, Alienware on the plane, Surface Pro during coffee break and dock a small size ARM device on my gamepad for portable gaming on the train / move.

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