Zachry Leadership Program Testimonial

I think one of the most unique things about A&M is all of the out of classroom experiences the campus has to offer. So, I chose to apply to the Zachry Leadership Program because I really wanted to take advantage of all the opportunities to learn and grow in meaningful ways both as an individual, as a friend, as a team member and as a leader The Zachry Leadership Program, especially during the first semester and as we continue through the program, we really focus a lot on really working on ourselves as people. Everyone thinks they come into college and they’re ready to go, but I was definitely not ready I lacked a lot of confidence in myself and who I am as a human being and the Zachry Leadership Program really helped me find my confidence as a leader and find my confidence as an engineer. The Zachry Leadership Program has helped me in a ton of ways, but the biggest one I say is the connections and the friends I made along the way that I’ve taught me how good of an engineer I can be, how great of a person I can be and exposing myself to people who strive to be the best so that way I can be the best I can be.

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